[Pucker Up] The Princess Submits: 'The Training of O' Turns the Tables on a Well-Known Domme

Recently, I wrote about Brian Lilla's independent film, A Tale of Two Bondage Models, which profiled BDSM performers Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna. The latter has been webmistress for WiredPussy.com (part of the Kink.com network of sites) for almost four years and has directed and appeared in about 300 scenes that have featured extreme bondage, Violet Wands, single-tail whips, cattle prods and the gleeful (and consensual) torture of gorgeous, naked women; in most scenes, Donna's the top, but occasionally, she'll bottom. In December, she announced plans to shoot for another Kink.com site: TheTrainingofO.com. She's worked on the site before, but this time she wouldn't be a trainer: She planned to appear as a submissive.

Taking its name from famed novel The Story of O, the site follows the week-long instruction of female slaves: Masters, both alone and with help from other dominants, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their trainees, set goals and assign homework, subject them to difficult tasks and tests, and orchestrate long, rigorous scenes. It's considered one of the more intense sites in the industry, since the shoot itself goes on for four days, combines advanced BDSM with hardcore sex, and usually involves a lot of edgy physical and psychological play. For example, the most recent entry on the site is for day three of Amber Rayne's training: “This masochistic fuck-slut is here to serve, or so she says. Recommendations: Put her to the test while reinforcing the training goals—self-worth, relinquish control and eroticize pain. Put her ass on display in a tight bent-over bondage position and use her to practice whipping and cropping techniques. As a reward, slide a hard cock in her ass and tease her to near-orgasm before releasing her and ordering her into strict military-posture training. Plug her slave asshole and drill her on posture and stress positions, liberally applying the whip and crop. Reward her by allowing her to fuck herself for our pleasure while reciting the reasons she is here. . . . Cover her face in hot come and send her to the slave quarters for the night with more assignments to complete before her final day of training.” Scenes are chock-full of things such as predicament bondage and water torture; there's even a locked, wooden “head box” that will cure anyone of claustrophobia. Yeah, they're pretty serious.

Part of what makes Kink.com so successful is the personalities behind the various sites and the level of authenticity they bring to their scenes. Having established her persona as a pervy domme, Princess Donna decided to push her own limits and boundaries in a very public way; because she's so well-known for dishing it out, it's not surprising that lots of people are ready to see if she can take it, too. “I was so interested in being a part of that rigorous program,” she says. “I love seeing how far I can push my body, and reaching that point of total mental and physical exhaustion is so exciting.” Many of Kink's regular models switch roles, but Donna is the first webmaster of a site to undertake the training program.

Upon her announcement, the Kink.com message boards lit up with discussion. Frequent performers made pleas on tape to get in on the action; there was a poll to see who should help train her. Some fans anticipated watching several of the women she's topped over the years taking their revenge on her, while others did not: “The focus should be on who best can give Donna an experience that will push her to the edge and test her limits,” one poster wrote.

Through all the talk, Donna had her own plans in mind: In addition to taking on the opposite BDSM role she's known for, she decided she would fuck men for the first time on camera. She identifies as queer (“My sexuality lies outside the dominant culture of vanilla heteronormativity. I'm everything but straight. I like girls, I like boys, I like transgender boys and girls”) and has bottomed to men in her fetish-modeling career, but she's never sexually submitted to a guy for all the world (or at least Kink.com subscribers) to see: “The Training of O was the first site that combined enough serious BDSM with boy/girl sex to make me curious about trying it,” she says. “I'm a very kinky person, so I wanted to try my hand at a new kind of kinky sex on camera.”

The site's director, James Mogul, took charge of her training, which included wearing a chunk of concrete chained to her neck, enduring stockade-like bondage and, of course, being “trained to service cock.” Princess Donna shot her scenes two weeks ago: “I was nervous about how it would go. I found that I loved it, and I felt very free when we were shooting. I was able to fully express a side of my sexuality that was never revealed on camera before, and that was exciting!”

For her, it was an opportunity to shed her role and responsibilities and explore her own kinks and desires. “It was wonderful to be tied up and submissive for a couple of days,” Princess Donna says. “I think I have the classic 'Businessman Syndrome,' where being in control all the time and having to make decisions all the time makes you crave someone else's control. For me, it was very freeing to know that my only obligation was to please someone else.”

The first of four episodes will debut on TheTrainingofO.com on May 23—and for those who can't wait, there's a teaser on BehindKink.com.

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