Protect Ya Neck

Things were looking pretty bleak for local goths for awhile. What with the Queen Mary's Royal Theatre banishing the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which is odd, since nothing quite goes together like the words “transvestite” and “Queen Mary”) and the recent death of proto-goth icon Vampira, it seemed like the subculture was experiencing a lull. But don't despair yet, young goth (or despair in delicious agony, if you like). Word has it that regular showings of Rocky may yet reappear in a theater somewhere in the unsuspecting burbs of OC . . . and even if that doesn't pan out, there's always Que Sera's venerable monthly goth/deathrock institution, Release the Bats. Nine years in the running and showing no signs of . . . well, dying . . . Release the Bats will satisfy your jones to wear black capes and scowl.
Fri., April 25, 9 p.m., 2008

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