Prince Gets Sassy, In Illustrated Form

Prince is as mysterious as he is musically gifted. The cosmically flamboyant musician abandoned twitter in 2013 after posting only two tweets. (One tweet was about pepper in his salad). If you're a fan hoping to follow him online — forget it — all of the social media links on his website are currently broken. Even Prince's recent tour dates have been a mystery.

Recently, Prince was playing short-notice “Hit N Run” gigs announced a day or two prior in Canada. Fans in Toronto were paying up to $270 to see the rock legend perform with his all-female power trio, 3rd Eye Girl, in small venues.

Earlier this month, Prince hosted a Dance Rally 4 Peace at his Paisley Park Studios outside Minneapolis to honor Freddie Gray and show support to protesters in Baltimore. He then traveled to Baltimore to host a surprise 'Rally 4 Peace' concert. You can listen to his political-charged tribute track “Baltimore” below.

Here is a selection of sassy quotations from the legendary musician. Quotation above via






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