Prepare Thyself for a Miracle: Boredoms Live in SoCal

Yet another post about Boredoms? I'm afraid so.

I consider these Osaka geniuses to be among the greatest live bands on the planet. Boredoms bring their transcendental, chaostrophic [sic] psychedelia to Canes in San Diego March 15 and to Henry Fonda Theater in LA March 16 (no OC date, naturally), reports Pitchfork.

This is cause for much rejoicing. Boredoms' live performances are like Mardi Gras multiplied by the greatest drum circle ever, on three hits of pure MDMA.

Here are Boredoms (aka Vooredoms—imagine an infinity symbol where the 'oo' is) playing live in Italy and, below that, the promo vid for Vision Creation Newsun. The latter was funded by a major label in Japan. Damn…

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