Pornhub Penetrates the Record Industry With Help From Coolio

Have you ever taken in a quiet evening at home, enjoying some pornography, when suddenly a song plays that deeply resonates with you and stays in your head for weeks? Popular adult entertainment website Pornhub is hoping that's the case and is looking to strengthen the bridge between porn and music with the launch of their new record label Pornhub Records.

Outside of those funky 70s “bow-a-chicka-bow-wows,” not a whole lot of XXX fare has spawned signature music moments. Despite this, Pornhub vice president Corey Price thinks the connection between streaming erotica and music is a can't miss prospect. “We've managed to realize the reach our platform has,” Price told us, “and we feel we can leverage that to attain success in this particular industry.”

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The connection seems to be already paying off for the site. Earlier this month, rapper Coolio released “Take It To the Hub,” a song recorded about the merits of Pornhub (see the very NSFW video below). The collaborative video with the site racked up over 500,000 views in its first week. Considering the success of that, as well as R&B icon Brian McKnight's news-making Youporn anthem from 2012, and there seems to exist an audience at the crossroads of musical favorites and adult entertainment. “The conception of Pornhub Records was a natural progression given said response, and it thus represents our move into a brand new, previously untapped vertical for us,” Price says.

Coolio, “Take it to theHub” (NSFW)

This isn't the first time the worlds of music and porn have collided. Rappers Treach of Naughty By Nature, Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest and Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew have all made debuts in XXX features. Even Coolio's dabbled in the adult world prior to the Pornhub connection, performing a midst a cornucopia of coitus in 2007's Coolio and the Gang Bang. Not quite as successful have been adult film star's entires into music. For every Andrea True (of “More More More” fame), there's a dozen novelty releases like the Eurodance of the late Lolo Ferrari or the rapping of Ron Jeremy. Star Heather Hunter has notably made the most cross-genre efforts, finding success both cracking the house music charts, as well as rapping on tracks with the likes of Kool Keith, N.O.R.E. and Esham.

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But Pornhub's music endeavors are no joke. “This is something that we're very serious about in terms of expanding and growing,” Price told us, “We plan to stick around and make our name know.” It's this motivation which, even in a casual setting, managed to wow Coolio enough for a collaboration. “We threw a party in Vegas after the AVN Awards, and invited Coolio to join us. We had a few drinks, and pitched him the idea for coming out with some new music specifically for our site, and he totally loved the idea. After that, it was just a matter of coordinating timing and then we went and did the shoot.”

Pornhub's putting just as much effort into finding new artists for their roster. This week, they've announced a Pornhub song contest, searching for the next new voice to pen an anthem for the site. Price tells us they “aren't pigeonholing anyone” to deliver a track of a certain genre. “We're totally open minded on musical sound, but do have a certain expectation for the lyrical content, it has to be Pornhub-oriented, and the level of quality.” The means the burgeoning porn-folk movement of 2015 might only be a few short emails away.

As questionable as it may be as to why anybody would want to start a record label now with the state of the current music industry, Pornhub's success in the just-as-cluttered adult entertainment world proves they've beaten the odds before. With over 40 million unique users each month, the site has a built in audience. It's just a matter of catching their ear as much as their eyes.

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