Pop-Rockin' Watermelon Margarita at Panama Joe's

The experience at Panama Joe's in Long Beach all depends on where you sit: the bar to the right or the dining room to the left. In the bar, you can watch just about any sport on the flat screen TVs covering the walls, and on some nights, you're greeted by scantily clad alcohol promoters (boo!) handing out free shots (yay!). If you're not looking to relive your college days, veer to left into the main dining area, it's here that you can still watch the game but also enjoy dinner and drinks without being next to a fog machine.


Panama Joe's is ostensibly a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, so they're only as good as their margaritas, right? For a sweet one with a kick, order the Pop-Rockin' Watermelon Margarita. It contains Cazadores blanco tequila, Bacardi melon, watermelon syrup, sweet-and-sour mix, and cranberry juice. Oh, and the server will also hand you a packet of watermelon Pop Rocks candy to go with it.

Do NOT pour the entire packet of Pop Rocks into your margarita at once, or you will have a fizzling mess on your hands; pour the Pop Rocks in bit by bit as you sip your drink to continue the crackling fun throughout the whole drink. The candy adds an instant carbonation and gives you a chance to reminisce about those old urban legends (poor, poor Mikey).

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