Political Football: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

Dallas update: You’ve no doubt heard the tragic story of Botham Jean, shot to death in his own apartment by a Dallas cop who claimed she mistakenly thought it was her apartment. Now, it would be unfair to say this was something that could only happen in Dallas, as it could, of course, happen anywhere in Texas. The whole thing doesn’t make any sense: How long does it take a person to realize they are in the wrong house/apartment/hotel room? Maybe 0.5 seconds? So why is it that when suddenly presented with an apartment in which none of her furniture, pictures, rugs or potpourri are in the right place, the immediate reaction of this Dallas cop, whose job description includes being observant and able to deduce facts quickly, is to shoot once, shoot twice, and then ask why the ottoman is over there and why it’s that color and, come to think of it, I don’t have an ottoman. What does make sense? Jean was black.

Seattle update: Seattle’s city government has been defiant of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which has caused some to call it a “Sanctuary City,” so apparently the present climate in our nation requires a special designation for when you desire for residents to feel safe in their own homes, even immigrants. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, Jean was an immigrant. Yeah.

Upon further review: You may have noticed that none of the scrutiny or criticism in the Jean case has targeted the U.S. military or the flag, making it once again crystal clear that anyone who chooses to see the peaceful protests of NFL players or Black Lives Matter as an attack on that institution and/or symbol are being willfully ignorant. You see, Black Lives Matter has never meant Black Lives Matter More, but rather that Living a Black Life should not be a crime, and, apparently, the most serious one at that—one that forfeits all rights of due process, common decency and a reasonable expectation of not being executed at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances, including your bed covers.

Root for: Seattle. Hey, we were saying it’s a bad thing for government agents to burst into your house and take you away in a cage or a body bag before that was considered radical.

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