Plum Pisco at Fig & Olive, Our Drink of the Week!

There I was, celebrating at Fig & Olive. I haven't witnessed so many high heels and gravity-defying looks since my single days . . .or was it Halloween? The bar was shielded by entitled ladies and gents, about four people deep. We struggled to comprehend our server over the din of the central dining space. Snow white walls adorned with picture windows did nothing to aid our hearing loss. If it was during lunch service, I'd be fawning over the natural light shining through. But it was Saturday night dinner. Our trio was famished, and more importantly, parched.

Not even a month old, the first Orange County branch of this Mediterranean concept had Fashion Island wrapped around its finger. I couldn't believe a space more grandiose than neighboring Red O was possible in the former Coco's spot. To stand outside was like a scene from a movie, where two competing businesses were vying for your attention (and c-notes).


My beverage of choice that evening was a pisco, a deceptively delicious potion. Enhanced with dessert-like Moscato and yummy plum shrub (aka drinking vinegar), it was an easy selection. Egg white frothed it up, while lime juice and bitters kept the sweetness from overpowering my meal. Balance was what I sought out, and it delivered. Our signature cocktail also numbed my senses just enough to drown out some of those socialites, and for that we are thankful.

Fig & Olive is located at 151 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, (949) 877-3005;

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