Planning On Hitting The Slopes In Big Bear? Not By Way Of Highway 330, You Aren't

​Heavy snow and record rainfall took its toll on Highway 330–the prime route for getting to our local mountains–sending a large chunk of the two-way road sliding down the mountain. We hate to point fingers, and we will resist on this occasion … but see our previous weather-related post for the culprit.

We're talking a big piece of road. We'd show you here, but for copyright reasons, we can't. But you can see it over here, on the KTLA report.  


Fortunately, no injuries were reported. For those hoping to capitalize on the fantastic snow conditions in the local mountains, CalTrans officials recommend snow-goers use Highway 38.
Officials have made no indication of when they believe the road will be fixed and reopened. That should make for a fun holiday weekend commute.
For those of you know who prefer to spurn authority, and figure you'll try to drive up 330 anyway and just squeeze around the roadblock, well, expect to come across something along these lines blocking your way (oh, and the massive hole):

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