Pizza Port Nerf Herder Mild, Our Beer of the Week!

Kane Christensen and Jon Eckelberger of Pizza Port Celebrate their cask win for Nerf Herder Mild

Midway through judging the Cask’s Not Dead Festival’s thirty-ish entries, a perfect beer engine pull of an ultra-traditional English Dark Mild sat before me. Scoring blind, it got a 10/10 for appearance, perfect for aroma, texture, everything. I’m a big fan of the Mild, which is sort of like a session stout: lower alcohol (3-6%), low bitterness, and a ‘mild’ roasty-toasty character from the malt.

As there are only a few breweries in Socal making the style and I had a pretty good idea who it was: Pizza Port San Clemente’s Nerf Herder Mild. The beer shines poured from a cask. It’s lively, marshmallowy-soft, and has that degree of “magic” one can only get from a traditional English ale poured the way it’s intended.

After judging, I ran into Kane Christensen – who made the beer, and he asked, “did you judge any Mild?” I replied yes, noting that the beer was a complete mess, pulling his leg a little bit. When they called his name for the first place traditional ale award, he was pretty shocked. “Gotcha!” I grinned.

Nerf Herder on draft isn’t bad, just different from cask with a bit of prickly carbonation. I’ve had it at one of the Pizza Port “It’s a Tap” events, and continues to be one of my favorite English ales at only 4.3%. The beer is currently on tap at their San Clemente location and is a perfect match as the weather cools down. Grab a growler for Thanksgiving!

Pizza Port San Clemente is at 301 N El Camino Real, San Clemente,

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