Pizza Port Fish IPA, Our Beer of the Week!

Sure, Belgium has Trappist-monastic breweries that sell beer to pay for their goofy robed-monkish pleasures. The closest thing to that in California are the five Pizza Port locations that dot the SoCal coastline. The institution was started in the late eighties by brother and sister combo Gina and Vince Marsaglia…back when craft beer was largely imported German and Belgian beers with a few “microbreweries.” Oh have times changed. 

One thing that hasn’t changed much is Pizza Port, whose no-frills pies and wings are rarely Instagrammed by the foodie crowd, yet are eaten like some sort of surfer soul food. The real draw with Pizza Port is no doubt their house beers which have won a combined 129 medals at GABF and the World Beer Cup over the last twenty-four years…an insane number to say the least.

As their San Clemente location can be quite the haul from north county, I find their fresh six-packs of pint cans to be quite the steal at around $14, considering a four-pack of hazy IPA can go upwards of $25. My local store (shout out to Veeco in Anaheim) is a stunning hotbed of hazy, yet I usually gravitate to a sixer of fresh Pizza Port Swamis IPA. This week I found their latest seasonal for the September-December quarter called Fish IPA, an IPA named after a common surfboard.

Fish IPA has Pizza Port written all over it with a distinct house character – dry, hoppy as all hell, and balanced with bitter. Fish is hopped with Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Pacific Jade – a rainbow blend of citrus, dank, and tropical. The malts include 2-row, flaked rice to lighten the body, and carafoam to beef up the sudsy head when poured. 

One reason to get down to Pizza Port San Clemente this weekend is the tenth-annual Hoptoberfest, where from October 12th-14th  you can indulge in all things hoppy; either 4oz or full pours from the following breweries:

Made West
Hop Concept
Green Cheek
Pure Project 
Beachwood BBQ
Lost Winds
Noble Ale Works
Knee Deep
Russian River
Mason Ale Works
Northern Pine
Fig Mountain
Arts District
Eagle Rock
Booze Bros
Stadium Pizza
Mother Earth
Hop Saint 
El Segundo 
Artisanal brewers collective 
Three weavers 
Maine Brewing
Good Beer Co
Beach Grease
Dogfish Head

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