Pizza Parkers

You were the rude woman with the overfed and underexercised son sitting in your VW Jetta in the handicapped space, eating pizza at the District. You told me I had no business knowing what your disability was that entitled you to the placard. I never asked about that. I was asking you if you really needed that space when you and your son got out of the vehicle and walked the 500 feet to TJ Maxx, while there were so many other “normal” spaces closer that you could have taken. You and all the other “two-legged” people like you with handicap placards take those spaces away from people such as me who really need them: wheelchair users. You and all the other placard holders should know that just because you have a placard does not mean you MUST park in the handicapped space. Handicap spaces are not an entitlement; they are a necessity. I hope you had a nice time walking up and down the aisles of TJ Maxx!


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