Pink Flamenco

Ah, flamenco. Not quite as lusty as its distant dance cousin, the tango, but far randier than the fox trot, flamenco comes from Spain and involves a lot of fancy, speedy footwork accompanied by spirited music and passionate, evocative vocals. It's a sexy, sexy dance, and Noche Flamenca is one of its foremost practitioners. They're bringing their hot stepping to Cerritos-a town not normally known for its passionate dance moves. The company stresses the integration of the three essential elements of flamenco: dance, music and song. The New York Times ' Alastair Macaulay says about lead dancer Soledad Barrio, “I can think of no current ballet dancer in the world as marvelous as she.” Should prove to be a hot date night, if you know what we're implying.
Fri., March 21, 8 p.m., 2008

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