Pink Elephant at Tantalum

Sure, your parents always told you not to swallow your bubble gum because it would live in your stomach for the next 20-something years, but Tantalum in Long Beach has some bubble gum that breaks all the rules your parents gave you–and you'll like it.
Before you begin to address the cocktails at Tantalum, you have to admire the spectacular view of Alamitos Bay; windows stretch across the entire back portion of the restaurant revealing a plethora of boats and waterfront houses. The bar is situated in front of this wall of windows, so while you sip on one of their specialty cocktails, you can dream about owning one of the yachts passing by.

And now for the drinks, Tantulum's Pink Elephant begins with a Dum Dum lollipop being placed at the bottom of a martini glass. Then Three Olives bubble gum vodka is poured into a martini shaker and some fresh lemon and lime juice are added. It's shaken vigorously and poured into the martini glass. Yes, the ingredient list is short and simple, but Three Olives makes the best flavored vodka on the market (How can you not love root beer-flavored vodka?! Add it to cream soda and you have an instant spiked root beer float.).

Although the first sip of the Pink Elephant can be a bit alarming–you are about to swallow something that really does taste like a giant piece of bubble gum–the subsequent sips will be more like gulps.

6272 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Long Beach

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