Pillow Talk

Matinee idol Rock Hudson thought the script was too risqué, but Doris Day, on the other hand, was all game to star in the 1959 sophisticated sex comedy Pillow Talk. Within two weeks of its release, the film was a sensation and audiences flocked to hoot through the unlikely story of 30-something virginal interior designer Jan Morrow (Day) getting tricked into falling in love with playboy Brad Allen (Hudson), whom she loathes after hearing his cooing to women on their shared party line. Day and Hudson have more chemistry than a bio weapons lab, and since she’s never seen Brad, why wouldn’t Jan fall for his handsome, puppy dog, alter-ego cowboy persona? See this wacky romantic comedy once again and warm up your pipes for the famous Day/Hudson/Perry Blackwell “Roly Poly” sing-a-long. Well, just make it a sing-a-long.

Thu., Feb. 12, 1:30 p.m., 2015

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