Pie-Not Opening Soon In Costa Mesa; Get Ready for Aussie Food!

When asked what our favorite restaurant is, we tell them that's a loaded question. However, we're not afraid to admit our favorite dining city is Costa Mesa. There's something brewing in nearly every nook and plaza, and our latest find is a prime example.

We're not taking all the credit for this one. You can thank our soon-to-be-interviewed friends at Sidecar Doughnuts. We just took the scoop and ran with it. Do you like pie?

Dubbing themselves an Aussie-style bakery, Pie-Not is under construction next door to Sidecar. Their focus is on meat and vegetable pies and pastries. They're also touting their own preferred caffeine, Bun Coffee. Further research uncovered an opening date sometime next month. We also got a gander at some possible menu items, like chicken and leek or lamb shank pie (pictured above).

While we wish they were open last week for Pi Day, we'll be waiting with bated breath for double trouble off 17th. Pie and doughnuts? Hell yeah!

Pie-Not will be opening at 270 E 17th St, Suite 17, Costa Mesa. www.pienot.com.

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