Patton Oswalt Headed to Irvine Improv

The sweetly optimistic “Remy the Rat” from Disney's
Ratatouille is simultaneously the sardonic, sneering voice of killer comic Patton Oswalt. The Geek God brings to the stage an extremely well-informed, yet hilariously awkward, humor
reminiscent of Lewis Black and John Hodgman. He's only glad to cynically piss all over his fanboy love of Star Wars, his passion for food, obscure historical
factoids, and more food–which is partially why director Brad Bird pegged him
to play the lead role in Ratatouille

Oswalt, who produced, created, and headlined the Comedians
of Comedy Tour
, the first comedy show featured in Coachella, will be performing
at the Irvine Improv on Mon., Feb 15 and Tues., Feb 16. Click for more info.

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