Patch Coffee Co. Brings More Than Coffee to the Community

With hundreds of Starbucks and a plethora of other coffee shops in Orange County, you probably cringe when you see a new one open up, just blocks away from another. But don’t roll your eyes at Patch Coffee Co. It’s unique—no, seriously. It stands out with a sense of community, comfort, and an appreciation for locals that big chains often lack. 

The goal of this spot is in the name. From business people looking to chat about their next big project to artists looking for some inspiration, there is a place for everyone at this coffee haven. The sense of community doesn’t stop there, though. Nearly every piece of art, decoration, and furniture is locally sourced with a story behind it. The communal table that stands in the front of the shop was once part of a California Redwood cut in Irvine. The open shipping container (retired after a long life traveling the seas) holds more chairs, a chess board, a typewriter, and other vintage goods. Local artists contributed the photographs and paintings that adorn the wall. Even some of the coffee machines and menu items come from local or family-owned businesses. Patch strives to make customers feel like they have their fingertips in the space, literally. 
Despite being down the street from a sports park and right across from an LA Fitness, Patch emphasizes the importance of arts and those passionate about their craft. It works as a “catalyst for creativity,” where people can express themselves through art showcases and open-mic and stand-up nights. Don’t worry, fitness junkies: not all hope is lost! Patch is teaming up with a local studio for coffee, tea, and yoga sessions. 

Patch offers all types of coffee, including an authentic Vietnamese brew, and a large selection of Spirit Teas straight from Chicago (curating the selections are a lead barista and a “tea scientist” who knows their blends). For those looking for something a little sweeter, there’s fresh-squeezed lemonade, both original and strawberry. Don’t forget to grab a couple breakfast tacos or a delicious but healthy pastry to munch on! 
“We want people to be a part of our story…It’s a story about the human spirit,” Patch’s owner says. “We just gave a canvas…We want people to add their own touches to it.” 

Patch Coffee Co., 29100 Portola Pkwy, Lake Forest, (949)215-7619,

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