Pastry Classes With Stephane Treand At SoCo

On certain days of the year, restaurants feel the need to jack up prices and force you into a set menu. While most of us follow along, quite a few are willing to buck the trend for an evening. However, you're now left wondering what to do next. Unless you know your way around a kitchen, there's nothing to show for. Don't be that person. Learn how to create something special, and all is practically forgiven.

This is where Stephane Treand enters the picture. Every Saturday in February, the man himself is teaching a series of one-day workshops designed to get you in the mood to bake. At three hours long, there's just enough time for Treand to demonstrate steps. Then he turns the kitchen over to you, with individual stations to have fun (or fail miserably) with pastry.


These classes are known as the Enthusiast series. No previous experience is required, just a desire to learn. Plus, you get to take what you make! February 7 is an eclair class. Valentine's Day is all about the chocolate truffles. The week after are winter verrines (a type of layered dessert). To round out the month, French macarons. At $100 a pop, this can make for one romantic gesture on your part, or even a hands-on date. More sugar is always a good thing. For more information and to register, this link will get you there.

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