Paramore, Steelwells, Local Natives and Others In This Week's Links Roundup

This edition in links to OC-related music writing that we didn't write…


  • The Jonas Brothers show we hyped last week lived up to expectations–at least those of Register reporter Peter Larsen's 9-year-old daughter. [OC Register]
  • At the Honda Center, Paramore–in addition to gratuitously promoting Honda products–gave a shout-out to Chain Reaction, a venue they were psyched to headline not too long ago. [OCR]
  • The question to apparently come out of Muse's OC show: Is Muse the new, new, new, “New U2?” [OCR]
  • Country crooners Zac Brown Band talks their new-found success before an Irvine appearance on Sunday. [OCR]
  • Some lady shouted “God, these guys are so immature!” at the Weekly-sponsored Reel Big Fish show in Anaheim. Seriously, lady? [OCR]
  • Apparently, Hinder kind of sucked at the House of Blues. Never thought I'd write “Hinder” and “sucked” in the same sentence. [OCR]
  • A crowd at the Glass House didn't let Autolux forget that it was well past time for the trio to release a new album. [OCR]
  • As you may or may not expect, the video for the Steelwells' “Our Fabeled Little Rabbits” features a guy in a rabbit suit. [Everyday Noise]
  • Esteemed critic the Buffian, though, thinks the Steelwells clip reminds him a little too much of another video. [Buffian Music]
  • Voxhaul Broadcast gets a song into a commercial for the new Katherine Heigel movie. [EN]
  • Orange County refugees Local Natives solidified their geographic defection at their Music Box show this week. “We've lived in LA for a while and I'm going to die in LA,” Taylor Rice apparently said. [Daily Titan]
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