Outside Inside

Originally a 1970s “theatrical” rock band whose overtly sexual Rocky Horror -type shows made them the talk of the music biz, the Tubes finally burst into the mainstream in an unlikely vehicle: the box-office bomb Xanadu . Their electrifying cinematic performance-think '40s big band merging with '80s new wavers-launched both the Tubes and front man Fee Waybill into a brief run of success and their only Top 10 hit, 1983's “She's a Beauty.” Most still remember the tripped-out, slightly S&M “carny” video for that tune as much as the song itself-in addition to the Tubes' apparent penchant for snappy videomaking that should have garnered them umpteen MTV awards. Now reunited, the boys still pick up some gigs every year-so go get your glitz and glam on and relive the decadent past.
Fri., June 27, 8 p.m., 2008

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