Our Five Favorite Bites From OC Weekly Decadence!

It was a sold out party at OC Weekly's Decadence over the weekend. We braved the crowds to taste those featured in this year's Eat + Drink Guide. There was also all sorts of gossip news to be shared, as we quickly learned.

For instance, the team over at Urban Plates gave us a heads up that another location (in addition to the upcoming Irvine Market Place spot) in Brea is in the works for Spring. While having an icy blood orange dessert from Rita's Italian Ice, their rep mentioned an addition of acai bowls and smoothies to the menu. The table from Cubed, while serving up poke tasters (where's the musubi, guys?!) even hinted at an October opening inside Union Market. However, our favorite nibbles knew to bring their A-game.

5. OPM


The new kid in Huntington Beach, OPM caught us off-guard with a delectable bite. Phyllo dough was the vessel for cherry balsamic, mango nectarine puree, liquid nitrogen foie gras ice cream, maple caviar and micro mint. Its sweet, tangy and crunchy qualities grabbed hold of us and reeled us in.

4. The Kroft

Our friends at The Kroft didn't disappoint, offering a trio of happiness. Chili mac and cucumber mint lemonade were served early on, but we held out for the chicken pot poutine! Loaded up with veggies and gravy, it quickly put us in a food coma. The friendly gal serving us stated their last inspection is scheduled for this week, so cross your fingers for a Tustin grand opening any time now.

3. Eats Kitchen

No stranger to food events, Jason Montelibano knew how to rep his host property. The Eats Kitchen chef was spotted serving an indulgent dish of beer and bacon mac and cheese, topped with toasted panko bread crumbs. It screamed Buzzfeed Food tutorial. Jason casually mentioned he had something in the works, so stay tuned for more details.

2. Crepe Coop

Recently opened at Tustin's Union Market, we wondered how they planned on plating teeny crepes. Well, they didn't. Guests were treated to an experimental sweet: Crepe cakes. Delicate and not-too-sweet, they were testing whether or not to make it another menu option. We certainly hope so.

1. Social

The bite of the night goes to Chef Jeffrey Boullt, who took care of the VIP lounge with an ample supply of tastes. If the cheese and charcuterie weren't enough for you, a duo of hot dishes were on the ready. Our favorite: Smoked pork shoulder with crispy Brussels sprouts, walnuts, honey butter and goat cheese polenta. We salivate just imagining them. The top five kept their cool when everyone was feeling the heat, and for that we say “Thank you!”

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