Oscars 2013 Best & Worst Moments

The 85th Academy Awards ceremony blew through Hollywood last night like a gust of dry winter wind, and brought with it its usual highs and lows, pretentious pageantry, long speeches — and this time even a good old fashioned face plant on the way up to the podium to keep things interesting!

Hosted by the one and only Seth McFarlane of Family Guy, American Dad and Ted fame, this year's broadcast seemed to have a certain panache that recent years of the show have not had (read: Billy Crystal's snooze fest at last year's broadcast). This year, whether you managed to stay awake past the 'I Saw Your Boobs' song or not, we've got you covered! Take a look-see at Oscar's 5 Best & Worst moments this year.


5 Best Oscar Moments:

5. Seth McFarland Sings about Hollywood's Boobies
Quite possibly the highlight of his job as host, America's favorite animation genius put together a funny bit to pop off the show with a bang by singing a song called, “We saw Your Boobs.” And yes folks, it's exactly what it sounds like: McFarland calling out today's most popular starlettes, including the likes of Naomi Watts and Angelina Jolie, for showing their bodacious racks on film. A pan through the crowd to many of the actresses he called out for flashing their ta-ta's resulted in a good few of them giving McFarland the stink eye for going there, but another look at the bit makes us wonder if it wasn't rehearsed and staged to appear more scandalous, no? Check the clip and let us know if you agree!

4. Daniel Day-Lewis Wins Best Actor
In this year's Oscar race for the Best Actor award, we believe that screen legend Daniel Day-Lewis did a phenomenal job portraying America's 16th president and his fight for racial equality, and luckily for us all, the Academy agreed. Bravo to Day-Lewis for winning the Best Actor award at this year's ceremony — his performance as Lincoln killed it and no one else nominated this year deserved it more. Nope!

3. Michelle Obama Presents the Best Picture Award
Hooray to Argo for winning Best Picture! Again, another win that we here at the Weekly support whole heartedly. And making it an even sweeter victory still was having First Lady Michelle Obama present the award. This was a huge win for the film and especially for Ben Affleck, whose career seems single-handedly resurrected by his work on this project. It just goes to show though, that once you add George Clooney to the mix, the Academy's collective panties start to drop and clear the way for Oscar gold! And speaking of Clooney, is it just us, or does that beard he was rocking last night make him look a helluva lot like “The Most Interesting Man in the World”?!


2. Jennifer Lawrence's Acceptance Fall
Epic, just epic! The stuff that DVR service was made for! If you hadn't guessed, what we're referring to here is Jennifer Lawrence falling and damn near doing a full on face plant on her way up the stairs to the podium to accept her award for Best Actress! While winning the award should help to ease the pain of having every actor's worst nightmare when it comes to awards shows actually happen in real-time an likely in high definition on most screens, Lawrence played off her fall like a pro and looking fabulous in Dior all the while!

1. Quentin Tarantino's Acceptance Speech
Love him or hate him, Quentin Tarantino's acceptance speech for winning the Best Screenplay award for his film Django was the highlight of the evening! Not only did he give praise to his actors, but he also gave a huge shout out to the people behind the camera who deserve it most: writers. Which makes sense to us, since Tarantino's a writer himself and he continues to rock our world with his twisted cowboy vision. “This will be the writer's year,” Tarantino said with passion during his speech… here's hoping, bro!
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5 Worst Oscar Moments

5. Kristen Stewart
Is it just us, or does Kristen Stewart just get more haggard every time we see her? Ok, so this time her growing haggardness might have been unfairly accentuated by the fact she was hobbling around on stage due to a recent sex sprain foot injury, but still. All that skanking around on R-Pat last year didn't do Miss Twilight any favors in the frown line department and we're sorry (no we're not), but no amount of wearing a lace Reem Acra gown is going to make up for the fact that her tween-queen Twilight have been eclipsed by her current status as not-so-future has-been. Can't blame it all on her though, whoever styled her should be fired for not even combing the poor lass' hair before sending her out on stage to present the award for Achievement in Production and Design. Epic style fail.

4. Anne Hathaway's Dress
Dear Anne Hathaway, WTF were you thinking with that dress? So, Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award last night, and while we respect her tremendously as an actress, as stylish actress she was not last night. From the weird saggy bustline that sported a faux nipple hard-on about 2 inches too low, to the oddly sculpted column form of the rest of dress, Anne's blush colored Prada gown was not the best, err, supporting dress for her to accept her Oscar in. Again, it's not all Anne's fault though — it's rumored Hathaway had originally planned to wear a Valentino gown instead but changed her mind at the last moment. Whether or not it was her decision to switch gowns last minute, her stylist's head should still roll for even letting her hit the red carpet like that. Truth!

3. Barbra Streisand: Oh, Babs…this just makes us sad. Ok, maybe we might need to slow our roll before we bag on a music legend like Barbra Streisand, but Hollywood is a cut throat place, so we're going for it anyway. Touted as being one of the top performances to look for during this year's Oscars broadcast, Barbra Streisand's performance of “The Way We Were” during the Memoriam portion of the broadcast had us wondering what hippy commune she'd crawled out of. Looking more “Housewives of Humboldt County” than a vocal icon, ol' Babs seemed to be channeling her inner Stevie Nicks in her black caftan(?) and stringy hair-do!


2. Skyfall Being Nominated for Anything Except 'Worst Bond Film Ever': Love us or hate us for saying this, but it seems the only reason the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, got any nominations this year is because it's the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise and the Academy wanted to celebrate it. Otherwise, it just doesn't make any sense that the latest Bond film should be nominated for anything but “Worst Bond Film Ever” because, well, it really was pretty bad. Nonetheless, the film did win the award for Best Song for Adele's Skyfall theme, and for that we are pleased because Adele and her Bond song are awesome.

1. Seth McFarland as Host
It's classic Hollywood behavior: we build 'em up and then we tear 'em down. That seems to be the case with Seth McFarland as host of the Oscars this year. Hopes were high that McFarland might bring his snooty, Stewie Griffin edge to the broadcast, however, he failed to deliver much snoot or edge, or anything else mildly entertaining. Instead, McFarland put together a few song and dance bits that no doubt showed off his singing chops, but it all came off a lot more like bits he would do if he were hosting the Tony awards or something. Either way, at least we gave him a shot and got to learn two important lessons: 1. the search for the “right” Oscar host continues (Tina Fey, anyone? Shatner agrees), and 2. McFarland might finally be ready to come out of the closet and admit that he's…ready to do a Broadway show!

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