Orly Taitz Tops Year-End Lists, Fears “Neuro Magnetic” Attack

After living through dismissed lawsuits, broken birther alliances, judicial fines and less-than-flattering TV appearances, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., has finally won something!

It isn't Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate.

The Orange County Register named her a “Political Newsmaker of the Year.”
And given the rash of news coverage she's gotten nationally merely in
the final weeks of the year, you can understand why. Here's a lists of some of
the year-end lists on which she appeared:

And those were just what I could come up with after skimming the consistently entertaining BadFiction.

But in the comments to Navel Gazing's last post about the good dentist, a few readers seemed to be losing patience. Writes GabachodeMichigan,”Orly has ceased to be entertaining. Watching someone's mental breakdown
can be interesting for short periods of time but at the end of the day
I just feel sorry for her (and especially for her family).”

Mental breakdown? Huh? Taitz appears to be as sharp as ever. She's so with it, mentally, that she can sense upcoming plots to kill her—mentally!

On her blog this past weekend, Taitz posted items about the health problems of Rush Limbaugh and noted Libertarian/conservative leader Michael Badnarik. Most people would see those two individual's illnesses and think of them as unrelated. Taitz, however, has connected the dots–and discerns a line that points straight to her.

“Was it a neuro magnetic attack on Michael Badnarik, president of the Continental Congress 2009?” she asks. “Am I next?”

To which the only sensible answer is: hopefully not. List-makers of the world need herĀ  mentally nimble as ever for 2010.

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