Orly Taitz Slings Mud at Republican Opponent for Secretary of State

While we weren't able to attend Dr. Orly Taitz's speech regarding “The Truth About Election Fraud” to the Orange County Federation of Republican Women today, we were, as always, able to read Taitz's blog (we've got good virus protection on our computers at the Weekly).

Lately, the Laguna Niguel dentist who loves suing Obama has been rallying her supporters to help her win the Republican nomination for California Secretary of State.

One problem: There's already a Republican who has been running for a few months now. His name is Damon Dunn, he's from Irvine, and Taitz doesn't like him.

In January, she had this to say about Dunn, a real estate entrepreneur and former Stanford football star:

The only reason he was endorsed so far, is because he is an African
American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show
diversity. He admits to having no knowledge or experience with law,
elections or election law

We take it that Taitz is making this claim about Republican affirmative action on the basis of her own personal, thorough investigation of the facts.

In recent days, Taitz has announced that she filed the inital paperwork signaling an intention to run for office, blasted Dunn as a “Republican in name only” (because he doesn't care about “eligibility”), and called on supporters to lobby Dunn to stop running. She'd ask him herself, but…

Please, let me know if any of you talked to Damon Dunn, and if he is
willing to drop out of the Secretary of State race? I don't have his
phone and address. I only know that he lives in Irvine, CA.

That's understandable. After all, the “Contact Damon” button on Dunn's website is hidden up at the top of the page, underneath the campaign logo. And it's written in English.

When we called Dunn spokesperson Hector Barajas, he said he hadn't heard of Taitz. Then he said he remembered reading something about her in the newspaper. “Is she the one challenging whether Barack Obama's a U.S. citizen or not?,” Barajas asked.

Yep, that'd be her.

Barajas didn't have much to say about Taitz, but said Dunn would be calling us to talk about his potential challenger. We'll let you know what he says when he does.

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