Orly Taitz Says Vote for Carly Fiorina, Don't Trust Jim Lacy

​Orly Taitz, the famed Laguna Niguel dentist and serial suer of Barack Obama, has had her issues with the Republican party in the past. Take, for example, her bid for California secretary of state earlier this year: She ended up suing her opponent in the Republican primary, Irvine's Damon Dunn. Or take, for example, the fact that high-profile Republicans like Chuck DeVore have attempted to distance themselves from Taitz's “crazy theories.” 
But Taitz can see past those scuffles to endorse Republicans that haven't publicly bashed her. Let it never be said that she's never a moderate. 

In a blog post on Saturday, she makes clear who she thinks the birthers should support for California's U.S. Senate seat.

I might disagree with Carly Fiorina on some issues, however I have to say that my husband and I had an opportunity to meet Carly and her husband on the campaign trail. They both strike me as very decent people, genuinely concerned about the fact that the state of CA is in de facto bankruptcy. Carly appears as a very down to earth human being, she does not have a big ego of a professional politician, she has a good practical mind and experience of running HP, a Forbes 100 company. On the other hand, her opponent, Barbara Boxer, pushed for absolutely insane, draconial environmental regulations, which cost the state of CA 2 million jobs. The state is completely bankrupt. So, between Barbara Boxer and Carly, it is definitely Carly. As far as issues, where I might have disagreements with Carly, I will address them with her after the election.

That said, Taitz isn't giving up her beef with the Republican party. South county political operative and Flash Report writer Jim Lacy seems like the kind of GOPer that Taitz might like. After all, during the 2008 presidential campaign, he was credited with helping to spread the Obama-as-a-Muslim meme, and was effective enough that then-Senator Obama's campaign website called him out by name. Apparently, though, he back-stabbed the birther queen:

It is not enough to bring new candidates and have support of the grass roots movement, there is a need in the overall of the whole party machine. For example, one of the top party operatives here in Orange County, CA, is an attorney Jim Lacy, who also happened to be on the board of CA bar. Jim Lacy is a partner and co-founder of the US Justice Foundation together with Gary Kreep. US Justice Foundation made money for a year and a half soliciting donations for legal actions against Obama as ineligible president. Kreep joint me in two of such actions. Jim Lacy gave interviews, where he stated that Obama was never vetted, however on the election day of the Republican primary Jim Lacy viciously attacked me and stated, that people should not vote for me because my ideas of Obama's illegitimacy for US presidency are cockamamie ideas. This interview was done by a reporter Kacie Hunt and published in a number of magazines. So, here is a Republican party operative, who not only spoke about Obama's illegitimacy to presidency, but who, together with his partner Gary Kreep, made money on it, yet he lied, showed no decency, no integrity, no honesty and viciously attacked me on the election day, denigrating me for something he, himself, advocated. Yes, I've seen corruption first hand. Jim Lacy is only one of such examples.

We'd ignore this stuff, but it's not like there isn't a birther voting block: Taitz did rack up more than a quarter of the Republican primary voters this last June. 

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