Orly Taitz Brainstorms Ways to Kill the Ground Zero Mosque, Including Hooters

As her already-slim chances of worming out of a $20,000 judicial fine fades, Laguna Niguel's birther dentist/lawyer Orly Taitz appears to be focusing new attention not on President Barack Obama per se but rather on the great, sickening-that-it's-controversial controversy of the day: Park51, the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero in Manhattan. 

And she has some fun ideas about how to stop it.

Her Facebook page is the best place to witness her wonder outloud about ways to put the kibosh on the center. Suggestions from her, so far, about how to fend off Manhattan Muslims:

1. Parking

What about parking requirement? How many parking places were allowed in this building, when it was Burlington Coat Factory? If it is a mosque, don't they need significantly more parking places to accommodate the parisheners? Wouldn't it violate the parking zoning laws?

2. Bars

I got over 30 responses on face-book re ways to stop the mosque at ground zero. One thing I need to know: what are the zoning laws in lower Manhattan? If they place the mosque there, will it infringe on the rights of the citizens, who want to frequent bars in that area? Will it cause closure of bars?

3. Specifically, gay bars and Hooters

Somebody stated, that he is opening a gay bar right by the mega mosque.
I say: “what about Hooters? Does anyone know 10 Hooters managers, who want to put their establishments right by the 10 proposed mega mosques? Just wondering? 🙂

4. Piglets!

How about something more simple: a small petting zoo with piglets right by that building. If they feel they have a right to put a 13 story mosque at ground zero where they barbarically slaughtered 3,000 Americans, who had to choose between being burned to death or jumping from high story windows, than we can choose to put a nice petting zoo with cute little piglets.

The sense we're getting from all of these ideas is that Taitz thinks of Muslims as being roughly similar to vampires, with boobs and Babe: Pig in the City standing in for garlic and silver bullets. And of course, the comments on Taitz's blog and Facebook posts are even more fascinating. Writes one Eguia Uria Maria Luisa, “They are using Interfaith, New Age, yoga, ecology, women's rights, gay rights to destroy our values!” Yes, yoga. Yes, ecology.

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