Orange County Young Democrats Launch “Trump Resistance Committee”

Orange County Progressives and Democrats—not always mutually exclusive—have rallied loudly and in big numbers targeting OC’s cavemen congressmen.

Last week, a bunch of Indivisible OC (think of Tea Party tactics but for Progressives) members protested at the offices of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Jeff Nielsen’s former boss), Ed Royce (R-Boring) and Mimi Walters (R-Not Pat Bates) and demanded they hold town halls with their constituents.

To ride that momentum, over 65 Orange County Young Democrats (OCYD) doubled down on the county-wide #FuckTrump movement by electing new executive board members, announcing a partnership with Indivisible OC and launching a “Trump Resistance Committee.”

“Our organization has historically focused more on local elections but there’s so much enthusiasm to obstruct the Trump administration and their unconstitutional tactics and agenda that we thought we could take a broader focus on national politics,” Danielle Serbin, newly elected Chair of OCYD, told the Weekly, “We heard about all the [Indivisble] groups popping up and we were really excited to partner with them.”

According to Serbin, the Trump Resistance Committee is guided by the principles and plans of action outlined in the Indivisible Guide. The committee will appoint individual OCYD volunteers as district heads for each of the six congressional districts in Orange County. Each district head will be in charge of organizing constituents to pressure their congress-loser to vote against Trump administration measures. District heads also plan to praise representatives whose actions they approve of.

“We went blue as a county during the presidential election. It’s clear Orange County is shifting politically, ” Serbin says. “A lot of young people in our community are disturbed by President Trump’s actions and hateful rhetoric, and they want to be a part of the OC’s shift toward Democratic values.”

“Attendance on Wednesday was triple our normal attendance at our monthly meetings,” Serbin added. “The one silver lining that came out of Trump winning the Presidency is getting people off social media and actually taking action.”

Orange County residents between the ages of 14-35 who are committed to Democratic values are welcome to join OCYD every second Wednesday of each month. Visit them at or follow them on Twitter @OCYD

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