Orange Bits: Runner Runner, Cypress Hill, Avi Buffalo

This week, no one wrote about Orange County music. Well, some people did. But less than usual. Step it up, blogosphere…


  • Huntington Beach's Runner Runner make their debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in “the tightest black pants around.” In the Register's short video interview with the band, the members look a lot… older… than you'd expect. [OC Register]
  • BREAKING FROM THE PACIFIC AMPHITHEATRE: The people who show up to Pink Floyd cover band concerts aren't the coolest people in the world! In other news, scroll down to see a comment from a real live member of the Pink Floyd Experience. [OCR]
  • Crowd members light fires at the Cypress Hill/Slightly Stoopid “Legalize It” show in Irvine. Security shrugs shoulders. [OCR]
  • LOL, the Register can't publish the word “shit” even when quoting the Offspring's Dexter Holland. [OCR]

  • The Dan Band, who plays the Grove tomorrow evening, got its start like all great bands do: at a karaoke night. [OCR]
  • “Faggot!” an audience member yelled at a Streelight Manifesto show at House of Blues Anaheim. And with that, ska lost its innocence. [Daily 49er]
  • The zaniness just doesn't stop when the anonymous friend of Dahga Bloom interviews Dahga Bloom. [Ruffian]
  • Will it ever be possible to write about Hindu Pirates without mentioning their ages? Yes, probably in a few years. Until then… [OC Gazette]
  • The AV Club poses a similar question to our/Long Beach's Avi Buffalo. They're so young! [The AV Club]
  • Merle Haggard talks John Wayne, is gruff. [OCG]
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