Orange Bits: Jordin Sparks, Hootenanny and More

This week in OC music news from other venues: Jordin Sparks is cheesy, Hootenanny gets people talking, a local music blog gently slams local music players. And more!


  • A squeaky-clean American Idol starlet came to the Grove, creeping out one Register reviewer: “There's something unsettling about Jordin Sparks.” Could it be that she spells her first name wrong? [OC Register]
  • Local rockers Kiev recently recorded with a London-based, kinda-sorta-renowned producer. [OCR]
  • Dueling Hootenanny reviews! The Register thinks Chuck Berry blew it, the Los Angles Times thought he was okay. We, if you remember, took the reasonable, nuanced middle ground. [OCR, LAT]
  • Ahead of their appearance in Irvine for Lilith Fair, Weepies frontman Steve Tannen answers a query about how it feels to be one of the few male frontmen at the festival. “Fifteen thousand women and me,” he says. “What's the question?” [LAT]
  • OC's fortunate indie sons Local Natives drop a hip-hop remix of “Wide Eyes.” [LAT]
  • There's a Fullerton group called “Electronic Meat.” Terrible band name, or great one? Gonna side with terrible here. Everyday Noise thinks otherwise. [Everyday Noise]
  • A review of the new Venus Infers album, highlighting its “sexy dark undertones.” [EN]
  • Scrappy anoymous local blogger reviews this past Tuesday's Detroit Bar show and banishes Anaheim's Peyote Players to a south-county dive bar. Don't ask. [The Ruffian]
Speaking of scrappy local bloggers, are we missing any? There really should be more out there, right?

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