On The Wall: Tomorrow Never Knows

Andrew Holder seems to live in a cheery 1968 wonderland; it's as if he went to see Yellow Submarine when he was seven years old and he never left Pepperland again. His work features bright, lysergic colors and bold, flat, graphic designs… Making it all the more arresting when his stuff lurches off of the walls of the Hibbleton gallery and into the third dimension, as it does in his mounted, Trophy Deer Heads covered with what we can only describe as psychedelic tattoos. The papier mache deer have no visible eyes or mouths, but the designs crawling across their necks and faces are alive with head-trippy details. Bustling little towns play host to giant animals – a pair of geese the size of skyscrapers wander through, and nobody seems to mind. A turtle as big as a luxury yacht splashes lazily along on a winding river. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…

Obviously, this stuff won't be for everybody. If you're some cranky hippie hater, Holder's art will probably hit you like brown acid washed down with stale bong water. But if you're on just the right, groovy wavelength, Holder's imagination is a beautiful place to get lost in. Lay down all thought, surrender to the void…

Andrew Holder: “Neon Frontier” @ Hibbleton Gallery
112 W. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, CA
(714) 441-2857.
Through Oct. 26th

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