On the Line: Vicki Schrimmer of Cafe Chiarini, Part Three

The women of Cafe Chiarini all share the spotlight, as we now feature the café's illustrious baker, Vicki Schrimmer, to wrap up this week's On the Line. And she is happy to share her recipe for Magic Bars (known to sell out, so if you want one of hers, get there early!). All this interviewing has made us hungry, so while we bake, we'll remind you to check out the answers from Judy and Iliana.

Magic Bars
Yields 12 bars


4 cups graham crackers, crushed into crumbs
1 pound butter, melted
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1 1/3 cups sweetened coconut, flaked
1 1/3 cups walnuts, chopped
14 ounces sweetened condensed milk


Heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Coat a 13-inch-by-9-inch-by-2-inch pan with nonstick cooking spray.

Combine graham cracker crumbs and melted butter. Firmly press the mixture into the bottom of the prepared pan.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips over the crust. Then layer the coconut and walnuts.

Pour the sweetened condensed milk evenly over the entire mixture. Don't miss the corners!

Bake for 25 minutes, or until the top is slightly browned.

Let cool, then cut into bars. Store covered at room temperature.

Cafe Chiarini just updated its website!

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