On The Line: Scott Brandon of LinX, Part Two

There was a moment during our interview when we thought, “Is this guy for real?” Yeah, he's the real deal. A chef who has paid his dues, traveled, and survived enough restaurant drama can finally call a place his own. With a team that includes the talented Jared Cook (formerly of VINE in San Clemente), we wish them well.

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And now, on to Part Two. . .

When you're not in the kitchen cooking, what are you doing?
I like to party!! And then I like to chill out. . .

Last song playing:
Blood on the Valley Floor, Soundgarden.

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Newport Beach. We were the first divorced family in Harbor View Homes– my mom and my two brothers. Known to many a housewife as “the Brandon Brats”, I moved out on my own when I was 17. I couldn't wait to get out of OC. I spent some years in LA, and then about a decade in San Francisco. Never thought I'd be back behind the “Orange Curtain”, but you never can predict the future.

Hardest lesson you've learned:
Vodka, tequila, gin, rum and Cheetos to not mix well.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
The day in preschool that Natalie Graham's underwear was seen as she was getting off of the tricycle.

Are you superstitious?
I am superstitious of hockey players that won't shave.

What were you up to five years ago?
Busting my ass at the crow bar + kitchen for what I thought was partly my restaurant (remove dagger from spine).

Tell us about your location in Old Towne Orange.
A super cool spot on West Chapman Avenue adjacent to the new Wahoo's. We have 986 square feet of interior space that has been decorated using warm Earth tones, reclaimed lumber and distressed metal. Outside we have a small, exclusive patio that has some Oktoberfest-inspired community table and a 1,400 square foot citrus tree-lined patio that we will share with Wahoo's. It has a cool, Biergarten kind of vibe.

Last book you read or movie watched.
Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull (when I was 7). It was life-changing.
Movie: The Maltese Falcon, Bogie and Bacall; say no more.

When you use the internet, what's on your homepage?
I usually have to delete “bearsinbondage.com” before my kids see it. After that, usually Yahoo! news.

Do you have any skills that are non-food related?
I don't think it's a skill, and many would say it's the work of the devil, but I used to be the lead singer in a hard rock band, and “knew” we were on the verge of stardom. Then I came back to Earth and focused on my real craft, cooking delicious food for you!

What would you be doing if you weren't in this business?
Fuckin' rockin' out, Man!

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