On the Line: Peter Petro of Ten Asian Bistro and Bosscat Kitchen, Part Two

Me: Is there anything you'd like readers to know that we didn't already ask?
Peter: That I'm fucking crazy for doing this [Editor's Note: He's referring to launching Bosscat Kitchen.]
David Fernandez: And Sushi Dave says “Hi!”

Yes, two chefs under one roof. Start the Jameson shots!

Read our interview with Peter Petro of Ten Asian Bistro and Bosscat Kitchen, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

Last thing you searched online:
The term “airline chicken.” As much as I have searched, I can't find a definitive answer as to why it is called that.


What did you study in school?
I studied Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. I knew at about age seven that I wanted to be a chef.

Hardest lesson you've learned:
Use someone else's money.

Last book you read or movie watched; how was it?
I have self-diagnosed ADHD. I can't do anything that requires that type of commitment.

When you're not in the restaurant, what are you doing in your free time?
Trying new restaurants and thinking about where my next meal is going to come from.

Last song playing on your radio:
Some kind of mixtape that may or may not have been downloaded illegally.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up just outside of Boston. I moved to Huntington Beach for a few months because I was sick of the snow. I've been here for almost 20 years.

Are you superstitious?
I used to be. I'm too old for that crap now.

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Do you have any skills that are not food-related?
Not really. I know a little bit about a lot of things. Not quite enough to be considered a skill.

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