On The Line: Marc Pitz of Dizz's As Is, Part Two

Originally built as a beach house, Dizz's was destined to operate as a dining establishment. It's been a breakfast joint, pizza place, to a cafe named Ford's. Like an artist's loft in Santa Ana, an owner's living quarters were upstairs, while business occurred downstairs. By the time the Pitz clan took over, it was Dizz's. The rest of the story can be learned as we continue with part two.

Read our interview with Marc Pitz of Dizz's As Is, part one.
And now, on to part two . . .

How did the restaurant's name come about?
It was Dizz's for a little over a year when my parents bought it. They opened the night escrow closed, so kept it Dizz's and just added As Is with all the odds and ends they brought in to use, photos they had under the table tops and different tablecloths mom made from fabric bought at Tippee Canoe.

How would you describe the decor?
Deco would be best. Some call shabby chic, and others call it their grandmother's house. It all works well together.


Last book read or last movie watched; how was it?

Actually went to a play called Arsenic and Old Lace at Laguna Beach High School. It was amazing. My daughter's in the show, but all the kids are so talented and funny. Mr. Dressler really does a great job with these kids at the high school level.

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Playing soccer with my dad. My dad and a friend started AYSO in Laguna Beach. It's a great sport.

Parking doesn't look easy. Any advice?
If we started the business today, I think it would be very tough. Since we have a good reputation, people will make the effort. Advice would be to have the driver drop off people at the front door, then park up the hill so not everyone in the party has to walk PCH.

Are there advantages/disadvantages to working so closely with family?

Mostly advantages because we can trust each other. When it's time to take off for holidays, sometimes you want to be with other people because we see each other every day.

When you're not working at the restaurant, what are you doing?
Working in my yard or doing projects around the house. I recently redid our laundry area. I added a sink and built a pedestal under our washer and dryer.

Last thing you looked up/searched online:
How to repair an air conditioner.

Last song playing on your radio.

Zac Brown Band.

Hardest lesson you've learned.
How much time it takes to really get things done the proper way. Whether it's with food, raising kids or even doing something fun.

Is there anything you'd like readers to know that we haven't already asked?
We are a family business, and not part of a big group of financial backers like many other restaurants. Please remember to go to little mom and pop places, and feel the love and passion they have for their businesses. Not only for Dizz's, but many others in the OC!

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