On the Line: Jayne Stember of Stuft Scone, Part Two

Before Jayne can get back to the business of baking, she's gotta complete the second part of our interrogation. What else can we possibly ask this Orange County native?

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How did you and your husband meet?
My husband, Richard, and I met on Match.com. We were married August 16, 2012. He's my champion.

Last thing you searched online:
Flights to Madrid to see my daughter graduate in December. I am also constantly looking up recipe ideas. And checking in to Facebook.


Last song playing on your radio:
I have Sirius radio in my car, and love the comedy stations. I also listen to Classic Rewind, love the 80s rock bands: Bon Jovi, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Pink Floyd, etc. I love music!

When you're not baking, what are you doing in your free time?
My free time includes daily walks with my husband and two dogs, plus home improvement projects. I recently painted over our ugly white fireplace to make it look like a brownstone. Skyping with my daughter who is at school in Madrid, Spain. Family gatherings, hiking with my husband and traveling when there is time.

Hardest lesson you've learned:
[Editor's Note: Jayne prefaced her response with, “If this is TMI, delete anything that you want, but it's my story.” We live for stories, Jayne. Thank you for sharing.]

Forgiveness. My husband of 23 years woke me up on a cool, October morning in 2007 and informed me he no longer wanted to be married; his mind was made up. After the shock and awe of realizing my life would forever be changed, I accepted his decision as a gift of freedom. Freedom to have a new life. It was the most difficult time of my life, but learning forgiveness was a powerful and freeing gift.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
When I was young, we would play outside with kids in the neighborhood. Fun times playing Kick the Can, Barbies, Girl Scouts, going Christmas caroling or just having sleepovers in my backyard.

What were you doing when you worked at Calvary Church?
I was a Teacher's Assistant and Administrative Assistant for several years while my kids attended Calvary School.

Last book read; how was it?
I read Nicholas Sparks' The Guardian and love reading cooking magazines: The Food Network, Cuisine At Home, Fine Cooking, Cuisine Tonight.

Do you have any skills that are not food-related?
I don't know if they are really skills, but I really enjoy home improvement projects and gardening. Like I said previously, I painted my fireplace and also ripped up old carpet and prepped the floors for laminate to be put down. I have painted more walls than I can count.

What did you study in school, and what did you originally want to do as a career?
I studied basic education in high school, then attended Pacific Travel School and became a travel agent. My great ambition in life was to be a wife and mother. It wasn't until I went to culinary school when I turned 40 (and my kids were grown and in college) that I pursued my passion with food. The rest is history, as they say.

And now, at 50, I have started a bakery business. I may be crazy or just plain stupid, but I'm living out a dream that started many years ago. I am very happy and content, and for the first time, a “business woman” at the age of 50.

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