On the Line: Gio Bolivar Of Dory Deli, Part Two

We keep the conversation going with the main man at Dory Deli. Movies, music, poke. There's no shortage of topics with Gio.

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Are you good? Good. Now keep reading below . . .

Hardest lesson you've learned:
The dedication it takes to work in this industry. There are a lot of missed opportunities with friends and family when you're trying to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and are doing all that is needed at work.


I hear you have pets!
I have two pets. My dog, Sam (short for Samantha), is a German Shepard/Border Collie mix. And my cat, Nesta, is a long-haired, black indoor cat.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
Going to visit my family in Colombia. Waking up first thing in the morning, and having freshly made hot chocolate with bread and fresh cheese to dip it into.

Last thing you looked up/searched online:
I really want to lean more about different kinds of poke. The last thing I researched was different variations of salmon poke.

When you're not at work, what are you doing (or if you're at work all the damn time, what would you rather be doing)?
Going out to restaurants, having cocktails and sharing food with my wife.

How did you meet your wife?
I met my wife, Fawn, while working at Disney. We met when we were both 18, and were friends for seven years before we decided to get together. Seven years later, we decided to get married and have been married for a year now.

Where did you grow up, and where do you call home?
I grew up all over Orange County, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove; I now live in Santa Ana, bordering Tustin, but will be moving to Orange soon.

Last song playing on your radio/smart phone/iPod:
Like A Prayer by Madonna.

Are you superstitious; if so, about what?
Not really, but I do like to cleanse a new kitchen with burning sage and good thoughts.

Last book you read or last movie watched; how was it?
The last movie I watched was The Outsiders. I made my wife watch it because I couldn't believe that she had never seen it. It was great. Next for her is The Goonies.

Do you have any skills that are not food-related?
I really enjoy spending time learning about music; reggae and hip-hop are my favorites.

What would you be doing if you weren't in this business?
I've tried to ask myself this same question, and cannot come up with an answer to it.

Dory Deli is located at 2108 3/4 W Oceanfront, Newport Beach, (949) 220-7886; www.dorydeli.com.

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