7 Things To do at Agenda Show 2018 in Long Beach

courtesy of Agenda Fest

In the hyper-paced world we live in, by the time a new phenomenon is sprung upon us, another wave is in the queue, waiting to wash that one away and recapture our imaginations all over again. It can be elusive. Events like Agenda Show bring to a halt, if just for a second, the essence of culture, allowing us to take a snapshot of that which will dominate our lives, if just for a second. 

This weekend’s Agenda Show in Long Beach will be no different when it arrives with Agenda Fest — the musical component of this institution that succeeds in presenting new moments as well as its fashion-based big brother. 

Established faves like Levi, Young Lean, and Lacoste will be on-site with new vibes for you to catch but the future of culture sits with the names that are yet to go all the way mainstream. 

We’ve picked a few of the most exciting items rolling into Long Beach’s Convention Center. 

BROCKHAMPTON (Credit: Chris Victorio)


The group of rappers and vocalists known as the internet’s first boy band had one the most thrilling 12-month runs in recent memory. Releasing three, full, superb studio albums that led to a momentous spot on this year’s Coachella lineup, the LA-based collective is ready to throw yet another look at audiences as they reconvene after dismissing member Ameer Van over allegations of sexual misconduct. They’ve bounced back with the announcement of their newly titled upcoming fourth LP The Best Years of Our Lives and new music, continuing the almost unbelievable momentum that has them on the fast-track to icon status. 

This performance is among the most important in the self-proclaims boy band’s first short history. 

Honorable Mention:

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for LA wunderkind Billie Eilish — the 16-year-old singer and songwriter with an early co-sign from Elton John. 


courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Changing the narratives on bootlegs was once a feat thought impossible by kids fallen victim to humiliation after being roasted for rocking fake versions of popular fashion items. Thanks to Mike Cherman and his team at the NY-based Chinatown Market, it’s never been cooler to pull up in knock-offs. Cherman and Chinatown Market have done away with conventions, adding rhinestones to active wear and laser printing Gucci logos on AF1s, creating a following while wearing the dull smile that has become the company’s imprint. Sink your teeth into their latest Puma Basketball collab to taste how they’ve seasoned the current fashion market. Plus, they’ll be on-hand with pieces from an exclusive Nevermade collab.  

Stock X 

Bootlegs might be in thanks to Chinatown Market but some rules still apply; like avoiding paying hundreds of dollars to unknowingly copping fake gear. In our current hypebeast climate, newcomers are running around with padded pockets but without the smarts to distinguish the real from the fugazi. Stock X is here to make sure those super reasonably priced Off White X Jordan 1s are what they said they are. And you can resell your deadstock Js here, as well, sans the sketchiness of meeting a stranger in a random place. They also operate in a nationwide market without a brick and mortar establishment often leading to better pricing than when compared to consignment places, at least around Southern Cal. 

Dream Pops (Instagram)

Dream Pops 

This year’s Agenda Fest brings with it beach time sun that beg for refreshing treats to keep you cool while you’re blasted with heat both literal and the heat coming from the stage and merch booths throughout the convention center. Lock in on the Dream Pops truck that specializes in frozen, plant-based vegan treats including flavors like Vanilla Matcha, Mango Rosemary, and Coconut Latte. And if you’re in the building getting trippy, the geometrically shaped bon bons can enhance this multi-sensory experience. 



One of the most inspiring facets of this year’s Agenda show will come via the diverse roster of speakers doling out game to those in attendance. Figures like legendary skater Steve Caballero take the stage to hopefully tell war stories about his glory days on the skate scene. Others like Drama, founder of streetwear brand Young & Reckless join panels where he can lend insight to those trying to launch the next Y&R or Chinatown Market of their own. And if you’re preferred brand of fuckery relies on drugs and irresponsibility, the cast of Workaholics are booked for an afternoon treat sure to evoke tears of laughter to cover the tears brought by emptying your bank account.

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