“OC's best outdoor skatepark for one reason: its wide-open spaces mean you'll actually see those aggressive little groms before they come down on your head. Old-school carving at its best; the concrete wave is definitely happening here. Whenever the moms roll in, [the other skaters] welcome us by putting on the most earsplitting acid punk ever. Thanks, guys.”

“Thanks to monthly 'girls-only' skate clinics (visit www.girlslearntoride.com for details), Vans has become the skate moms' second home. The wooden ramps help, of course—they make for a bit less pain when you slam. Midlife reality check: you don't bounce off the ground like you did when you were 10.”

“Crank up the iPod for a nice slice of soul skating. Long, cruisable streets, an ocean breeze, light Range Rover traffic. Two decent sushi bars nearby. Bliss!”

“Nothing torques my Volvo wagon more than a sudden sighting of a new skate spot possibility. Must. Check. It. Out. Pack a good book or two for non-skating offspring (like mine) who have no choice but to wait while Mom skates.”

“Skateboarding is required in my house. Oddly, I'm the only one in the family who follows the rule. What else are hardwood floors for? Skate on!”

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