Old Vine Cafe Announces Move to Larger Location


Closer than you think. Photo courtesy Old Vine Cafe.


Costa Mesa locals know Mark McDonald for his excellent cuisine; world travelers think of his extensive tours of North and South Italy. And while his establishment is planning a move, Old Vine CafĂ© fans need not fret– he’s simply moving a few feet away to the former Ecco spot. How can this be a big deal? We’re glad you asked.

The short answer is he’s now working with a larger space. Specifically, we’re talking dedicated full bar (Happy Hour, anyone?) and lounge for that after work crowd seeking a quick drink and bite. Additional headroom is aplenty, with extra patio seating to accommodate even more guests. Not leaving his current zip code means win-win for all. “What has defined Old Vine for over 11 years will never change. We will remain a small business committed to quality and hospitality. Old Vine Kitchen & Bar is just the next step.” stated Chef McDonald. He has also joined forces with Kate Perry; previously in charge of their wine program, Perry will act as both co-owner and managing partner.

Old Vine’s final day in its current space is January 13. Expect opening news next month, once the art installation and abstract paintings are in place. We’re pleased as rum punch with McDonald’s future space. And after previously crossing paths with him at Blinking Owl, we’re submitting our wish for an aquavit cocktail, please!

Old Vine Kitchen & Bar will be at 2937 Bristol St., Ste. A-103, (714) 545-1411; www.oldvinecafe.com.



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