Old Town IPA from Tustin Brewing Company, Our Drink of the Week!

Not all craft beer needs to be dressed up or brewed for show. Sure, the complicated, multilayered tastes of “craft” are wonderful, but when it's an afternoon out with friends, it's nice to have a beer that you can rally with without having to settle for “lite.”

Enter Old Town IPA from Tustin Brewing Company. It's the perfect warm-weather beer to down a couple of pints of without seeing double or feeling too full.


Old Town refreshes the palate while straddling the hop line with grace. Bright and crisp, with notes of citrus, the American IPA clocks in at a perfect 7.4 percent ABV, right where you expect an IPA to be. But while this beer fits all the parameters of a classic American IPA, Old Town's milder hop character means you can get all that snap, crackle and pop you expect from an IPA without obliterating your tongue with bitterness.

And although the beer itself is solid, what puts it over the top are the shared similarities between the brewery and its beer. They're both comfortable, friendly and inviting; Old Town IPA welcomes you with the same warmth the brewery does. Many tap rooms nowadays lack character with their modernity, but Tustin Brewing Company's feels like home. Old Town is the type of beer that can convert any novice into an avid craft drinker. So, for those of you hesitantly sticking your toes into the craft-beer pool or dismissing Tustin as nothing much, come in, grab one and jump in already.

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