Oh, Sandy


Oh, Sandy, where did you go wrong? It was one thing to profess your love for soul legend Solomon Burke while lounging in the hot tub with Kirsten. And you were just adorable crooning Burke's “Don't Give Up On Me” to her for your wedding anniversary. But who was clamoring for an entire album of Muzak-y faux soul from your real-life counterpart, Peter Gallagher? While there are some silky, sultry moments here—dig the horns on “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby”—7 Days in Memphis feels designed for people who think the music playing in Starbucks is a little too edgy. It's a slapdash blend of cheesy backup singers, rumbling organ parts and Gallagher's middling vocals, its 10 songs ranging from somewhat tolerable (“Still I Long for Your Kiss”) to downright painful (“I've Got to Love Somebody's Baby”). Worse still, he manages to mess up “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye,” and the last two tracks sound like watered-down Elton John. Even diehard fans of Sandy's character and Gallagher's acting—myself included—will be disappointed to discover that Memphis is little more than a shaky attempt to cash in on the success of a TV show that's certainly seen better days.

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