Odesza Prepare to Be Electronic Kings of Spring

By: Kevin Camps
Few can argue that the bass in Odesza's new music booms with the sound of an electronic act whose time has come. The release of their second album In Return late last year only solidified the duo's recent profile boost in the EDM world. Now with the announcement of their newly-minted label, Foreign Family Collective, Seattle-based DJs Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have their eyes set on spring, which kicks off with their highly-anticipated set at San Diego's CRSSD Festival this Sunday, March 15.


Considering their deft balance of musicianship and tastefulness in their sunny cocktail of soulful beats, it's no wonder the two have risen so fast in such a short amount of time. Mills met Clayton Knight through mutual friends while studying at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington just a few years ago in 2012. Like many successful bands before them, what started out as a hobby eventually became the driving force behind the duo's passion. Clicking from the get go the duo originally saw the band as an escape from their studies.

“At the time I was doing graphic design stuff for my portfolio and the band seemed like a unique opportunity to brand something before I graduated and moved on the graduate school,” Harrison says.

The duo steadily rose through the ranks with their unique take on indie dance music. Their sophomore release In Return saw the duo work with vocalists for the first time which was both a frustrating and enjoyable time Harris said. The project took over 2 years including a large amount of back-and-forths and sorting out vocalists from Sound Cloud. Ultimately the process was an educational and rewarding experience that brought the group where they are today; selling out venues on a regular basis.

Catching them live this go around seems like a must, as they created a special live show for this tour. “Behind this tour we worked very closely with a good friend of ours who I went to school with to make a custom show so every song has its own custom visuals. He is also doing all the visuals live every date,” Harris says.

Odesza are the perfect get for the upcoming first go of San Diego's CRSSD festival. Their tropical sound is a perfect fit for sun drenched San Diego. Part niche festival, part summertime party. They join quite the group of novice and armature acts alike that truly represent what summer is all about. You have to hand it to FNGRS CRSSD for putting together the type of lineup that screams summer dance party all while appeasing the mainstream and the underground alike.

Sensible indie-dance music is not a crime, and Odesza does it better than anyone we have heard in a while. Believe the hype. Buy the album and play the tunes with the top down. Odesza play Sunday, March 15th at 8:30 p.m. on the Ocean View Stage. For full info, click here.

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