Octomom Reportedly Ready to Masturbate For The Masses

Faithful readers will recall that Octomom Nadya Suleman takes years (to the frustration of ol' Dulaney) before diving into a relationship and bumping uglies with her beau.

Well, it looks like the La Habra resident has a new boyfriend and is ready to romp: Handy Manny. Nadya has apparently agreed to shoot a masturbation video for a web-based adult entertainment company.

TMZ reports that the money shot will be filmed this summer and released to the masses “shortly thereafter.”

Sources close to the horror story say Nadya will make more than the $10,000 she reportedly got for posing topless. She once said that the “only thing I'll never do is give my body to another for money.”

Alas, she hops back on the slippery slope this summer.

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