OC’s Own Hugh Hewitt Cheers Trump’s Abandonment of Kurdish Forces

President Donald Trump is facing scathing criticism for removing a small contingent of U.S. troops from northern Syria, a decision that ended its buffer presence and allowed Turkey to begin a military offensive against Kurdish forces on Wednesday. Nationally syndicated conservative radio host (and Weekly Scariest People hall of fame inductee) Hugh Hewitt is doing his best to provide a rhetorical buffer against anyone who’d fling a contrary opinion against his MAGA Emperor, including fellow Republicans.

Three days ago, Baby Huey offered this brain dropping on Twitter:

His defense of Trump leaving Kurdish forces–and 2 million Kurds in the region–open to Turkish aggression while playing the part of pragmatist earned a trio of retweets from the president himself.

But here’s some realities the conservative radio hack’s own “great and unmatched” wisdom is oblivious to.

For years, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) did all the heavy lifting in the fight against ISIS. A stateless people, the Kurds began carving out cantons in northern Syria, experimenting with “democratic confederalism” nourished by healthy doses of secularism and feminism.

Of course, the U.S. never cared much about that anarcho-commie stuff. The unusual alliance gave them gritty Kurdish ground troops fed by a steady supply of arms in the war against Daesh.

Now, the SDF is telling the world that securing imprisoned ISIS terrorists can’t be guaranteed with a Turkish war unleashed. That may give a diminished ISIS enough breathing room to recuperate itself. Add the possibility of regional players being brought into the fold by the reckless pullout and another combustible situation in the Middle East is had.

A betrayal of the Kurds? Hey, that’s not Hugh’s problem.

The true responsible pullout here should’ve come long ago from Baby Huey’s daddy–and Fred Trump!

2 Replies to “OC’s Own Hugh Hewitt Cheers Trump’s Abandonment of Kurdish Forces”

  1. Hewitt has been a stinking dog’s rump as long as I can remember. There is nothing he will not promote if it attacks the Constitution.

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