OC's 31 Scariest People

Where have you gone, Charles Manson; a nation turns its fearful eyes to you, woo, hoo, AWWWWWWW!!!!!! Was that a frigging bird?!?!?!.

Time was when we could feel good about the shit that scared us: nuclear war, serial killers, cancer. This was scary shit a person could understand and shake hands with. Look at what we have now. Scary comes in such benign packages — doomsday is no longer likely to be delivered by a superpower but by a subway passenger or a chicken. Charlie? You're more likely to get murdered by a crazy mom or an angry teen (fear the day you cross an angry teen mom off her meds).

We here at theWeeklyare nothing if not — did you feel that shaking. . .cut it out, Griley, it's not funny . . . I am not crying. I just have very expressive eyes . . . Anyway, we've updated our annual scariest list to include this new trend in fear, so along with our usual menagerie of crooked cops and putrid politicians, you'll also get terrifying tow trucks, reckless restaurateurs and the baseball helmet from hell! All this along with Art Linkletter and the Lord Jesus, who, coincidentally, are roughly the same age. Scary.

Lewis is all about the kids and education. So when the opportunity presented itself, Lewis, then an Orange Unified school board member, told his daughter to get behind the wheel of his car and he would teach her to drive. Sure, she was only 13 at the time, but you're never too young to learn. Plus, he was shit-faced. Well, tell that to the troglodytes who arrested Lewis, eventually charging him with felony child endangerment. For good measure, tell it to the 11-year-old boy his daughter hit in the crosswalk. The boy was not seriously injured, but police say Lewis had his daughter drive because he had a blood alcohol level of .13; the legal limit is .08. Lewis is now a former Orange Unified school board member. MITIGATING FACTOR: Wish my kid could do that.
Courtesy American Apparel


The sideburns, the bedhead, the glasses: coulda sworn I saw this guy at the end of my street on a 10-speed, pulling a hand truck with a plastic crate, a VCR and an empty gas can on it. I think it was him. I think the gas can was empty. Seriously, the American Apparel CEO (they opened a Huntington store this summer) is one click away from looking at a loaded chamber of judges. He's facing a brace of sexual harassment suits from women who used to work for him, and a Jane magazine reporter has said he masturbated in front of her during an interview. He's a one-man Minnesota Vikings party boat. MITIGATING FACTOR: Nice polo shirts.

According to his website, this former Justice Department prosecutor “works without charge to help hundreds of intelligence agents obtain lawful permission to declassify and publish the hidden secrets of our times.” But for all his snooping, Loftus apparently hasn€™t heard of the White Pages. On Aug. 7, Loftus appeared on Fox News as part of his weekly Inside Scoop With John Loftus and gave out the address of a La Habra home. Inside, he said, lived Iyad K. Hilal, whom authorities suspect of masterminding the July 7 London terrorist bombings. One problem: Hilal had moved out three years ago. The current residents are lifelong La Habrans Randy and Ronnell Vorick. The Voricks soon became the targets of vicious attacks — someone, probably the president, definitely a Fox viewer, spray-painted “Terrst” near their front door — and police soon began an all-hours patrol to protect the family of five. “Mistakes happen,” Loftus told the Los Angeles Times, adding, “That was the best information we had at the time.” Fox fired Loftus soon after, and Loftus eventually apologized. MITIGATING FACTOR: It was Fox News.

Name a battle fought by Christian conservatives in the past decade, and Newport Beach billionaire and Home Savings N Loan heir Howard Ahmanson Jr. and his wife, Roberta, probably funded it. The Episcopal Church split over the ordination of a gay bishop? Started by the Anglican Council, to whom the Ahmansons donated over $1 million in 2000 and 2001. Gay marriage? A third of the money ($210,000) behind 2000's Proposition 22, which defined marriage in California as limited to straights, came from the Ahmansons. Intelligent design? Led by the Discovery Institute, on whose board of directors Ahmanson sits and to which he gave $2.8 million last year alone. The Ahmansons — according to Time magazine, among the 25 most influential evangelicals in America — are proud parishioners of St. James Episcopal Church in Newport Beach, which earlier this year made worldwide headlines after seceding from the Episcopal Church of America over the gay-ordination issue. It joined the Ugandan church. MITIGATING FACTOR: Most of the old Home Savings N Loan buildings that are now Washington Mutual branches still have those cool murals Ahmanson's dad commissioned so many years ago.


Founder and CEO of Ameriquest Mortgage, the Orange-based company that pioneered home refinancing for individuals with crappy credit or debt. During the summer, Ameriquest set aside $325 million as settlement cash in light of a 30-state investigation into the company's alleged deceptive lending and appraisal practices; earlier this year, Ameriquest also settled a $50 million class-action suit in California over bait-and-switch tactics. But duping low-income folks never dissuaded George W. Bush from considering someone for an ambassador€™s post (see: George Argyros, Spain), and so Arnall awaits his congressional confirmation hearing to represent the United States in the Netherlands. MITIGATING FACTOR: The Texas Rangers' Ameriquest Field? Very nice.

Round and round and round they go, and when they finally stop they snatch up cars with 4-year-old boys sleeping inside or crush the towed vehicle's owner — to death! That's what happened in Orange County this February, when Hinh Van Nguyen took a car double parked (but with emergency flashers on) outside a Garden Grove apartment complex with a child still inside, and in June, when Paul Sassenberger first taunted and then ran over Santa Ana resident Leoncio Flores after the methed-up Sassenberger took Flores' SUV from an alley. The former case prompted then-Congressman Christopher Cox — in probably his first and only show of compassion ever — to help pass a bill that outlaws predatory towing; the Orange County district attorney's office launched criminal investigations against local tow truck companies after Sassenberger's crime. MITIGATING FACTOR: Three a.m., 5 freeway exit off Jeffrey, flat tire . . . .

What can you say about a group of girls, mostly blond, whose favorite sports are “shopping and laying on the beach,” whose entire lives are spent trying to steal each other's lunkish boyfriends? What can you say about the fact that they're doing it in our county's name on national television, in a show so vapid it actually makes you stupider just listening to them — and that their show is like totally the most popular show ever (alongside My Super Sweet 16)? What can you say about a bunch of girls whose harrowingly impervious consumption habits will probably be directly responsible for the coming People's Revolution (alongside My Super Sweet 16)? Well, you could say that Jessica's favorite artists are Britney, Mariah, Natalie, Christina and Justin, and she plans to go to Saddleback and be a teacher! You could say that the apparently slightly cooler Kristin likes the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lauryn Hill. And you could say that Taylor, LC and Alex M. also exist. MITIGATING FACTOR: The Girls of The Real OC would make a smokin€™-hot Playboy spread, if they were just 18.

Guerrero, right fielder for your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, is one of baseball's finest players, that rare mix of power, speed, bravado and humility. He is an Adonis, a Latino Ruth, a hero. But, 'mano, that helmet!? Every time Vlad enters the batter's box, he puts on a helmet capped with a season's worth of accumulated super-sticky pine tar that picks up anything with which it's come into contact. It's like a lint roller you wear on your head, or Courtney Love. A Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist once said it looks “like it was extracted from a pizza 10 minutes after the timer went off.” It's the ugliest thing you'll see in a baseball park outside of the president throwing a first pitch. MITIGATING FACTOR: As long as he keeps launching homers into the Anaheim sky, Vlad can do whatever the hell he wants.

In a world of sword-banging do-gooders, one man was willing to take a stand. And that man was Edward Joseph O'Neill, a simple businessman — owner of Newport Beach's wonderful Ho Sum Bistro — who asked only to be afforded the quiet one would expect living near the Balboa Pier. But they finally pushed this man of peace, and his cache of guns, too far one September night. According to police, some Disneyland employees gathered at the beach near O'Neill€™s home, brazenly not drinking, not doing drugs, not listening to music, not shooting off fireworks, not talking loudly, not making much noise at all. That's when it got personal. Police say O'Neill walked up to the mob and asked, “Are you the people banging your swords out here?” They said they didn't know what he was talking about, and it was at that point, allegedly, that O'Neill did the only thing a man can do: pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired it once in the direction of two members of the group. As you'd expect, The Man got involved; apparently it's now illegal to shoot at people — damn activist judges — but O'Neill stood his ground. And that's where the police found him: standing his ground at the rear window of his home, attempting to sneak out. MITIGATING FACTOR: The bullet from the gun he fired probably landed in the ocean, where, we can only hope, it hit a swordfish.


Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the courthouse, buy me some lawyers and slander suits . . . wait a minute. J.D. Martinez, son of Newport Beach emergency room doctor Marc Martinez, used to pitch for Corona del Mar High. Martinez the Elder thought CdM coach John Emme was damaging J.D.'s career potential by overusing him, so he took the destruction of his son's career into his own hands and pulled J.D. from the team entirely — and then sued Emme . . . two times! Allegations ranged from Emme's basic coaching ineptitude to actual threats that Emme would “close the door” on J.D.'s college pitching if Martinez went to the school board. Once his legal double play fell apart, Martinez fell victim to a wicked Emme changeup: the coach filed a defamation countersuit, alleging that Martinez's actions had damaged not only his reputation but also his hope of coaching college baseball. In January, a jury awarded Emme $700,000 of the good doctor's funds, nipping future “disappointment” lawsuits in the bud. Just think of all the angry soccer moms, Louis Vuitton purses itching at the prospect of legal action against any athletic figure reluctant to acknowledge their child's excellence. Advice to coaches: be honest and tell all parents their children are outstanding in the field. MITIGATING FACTOR: Didn't kill the coach; hockey remains the dominant blood sport.

The LA Times profiled Frey earlier this year, calling him “an admired educator” in northern California who lives on a “remote ranch with his wife, a teenage son and a donkey named Burrito.” But although Frey was recently awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the Monterey County School District for his work with differently abled students, the Times noted, that was before he came to Orange County and took command of the U.S. National Guard's Fullerton-based Alpha Company. It was in Fullerton that Frey began lecturing his soldiers about hygiene — moral and physical — comparing them unflatteringly to his special-ed students, and using a hatchet in bizarre knighting ceremonies that he may have learned while serving as a mercenary in white supremacist Rhodesia. With that kind of sensitivity training, how could things go wrong when Frey led his troops in Iraq? So far, more than a dozen members of Frey's Alpha Company have been investigated — and seven have been sentenced to prison — for abusing handcuffed Iraqi insurgents by applying electric shocks to their genitals. Take that, you Abu Ghraib pussies! MITIGATING FACTOR: Some, citing Mapplethorpe, call it homoerotic performance art.

Art was old when we were kids, and America still made steel when we were kids. To be honest, we assumed Art died years ago, when he was in his early sesquicentennials, but there he was at Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration, having been present at the original opening — of the earth. We have no idea what kind of deal Linkletter, who looks like a meatier version of his college roommate, Monty Burns, struck with which netherworld figure — Beelzebub, Hades, Liza — but clearly the man has connections. Fear him! MITIGATING FACTOR: Would have been scary just for giving Bill Cosby that lame “Kids Are Babbling Morons” idea.

Actually, we're quite sympathetic to this young man because, let's face it, we've all been in his shoes. I mean, who among us hasn't lied to our parents about attending UC Irvine's School of Medicine — a school we never applied to — accepting Mom and Dad's financial assistance (it takes about $50,000 a year for a UCI med student to live and study) for years and years and then, on the day of the medical school graduation, panicking that the folks — arriving soon to watch you walk the proud walk of a graduating doctor — will find out the awful truth — who would blame you for doing what any thinking person would do: calling in a bomb threat. Yes, Amit did all this — and allegedly started a fire in a trash can! — in the hopes of scuttling UCI's med school graduation. It didn't work. In fact, the only thing that happened was Amit got himself arrested. He ended up copping to making a bomb threat and received three years of formal probation and was ordered to pay $5,000 to a victims' fund. MITIGATING FACTOR: Bet Mom and Dad paid the fine.


We all remember 9/11 — the old guy down the street has a sign in his yard that commands me to hold it ever in my mind (grim) — and some of us remember when Yasir Arafat's Black September killed 11 unarmed Israeli jocks at the 1972 Olympic games — hockey still more violent — and then came September 2005. The month opened with news that Orangewood Children's Foundation had fired and then sued Tracy Salcido of Yorba Linda, its top financial officer, alleging that she embezzled more than $900,000 — almost a million dollars — from an organization whose only goal (besides producing fabulous party pics of rich people at fund-raisers for Coast, Orange Coast and Riviera magazines) is to help kids who've already been so fucked over they live in foster care. Salcido could not be reached for comment. Not be outdone, just a few days later (still September), the Los Angeles Timesreported that the Orange County Performing Arts Center had fired an employee in its finance office. The center, whose only goal (besides producing fabulous party pics of rich people at fund-raisers for Coast, Orange Coast and Riviera magazines) is to bring a little Broadway to the county, doesn't need to say much because the district attorney's office says Ana Limbaring of Costa Mesa, who handled cash for OCPAC, kept a little something — $1.6 million — for herself. Limbaring is in jail. MITIGATING FACTOR: May be the only accused white-collar criminals not helping write policy for the Bush White House.

On Aug. 9, Vincent and girlfriend Jessica Rowe partied at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, pretending to be Rammstein, one of the most successful German-language bands in history. At 5 the next morning, Rowe somehow fell out the window of their rented Humvee limousine whilst returning to Irvine; more than a dozen cars spread her across a mile and a half of the 405. Three days later, Vincent organized his own re-enactment of the scene: he and some friends rented limos, returned to the same club in LA, and again pretended to be Rammstein. Notable differences include Rowe's absence — and Vincent's arrest at the end of the night after a resourceful limo driver discovered his credit cards didn't check out. We all deal with trauma in our own way; Vincent's recovery cocktail seems to be part credit card fraud and part Nixonesque callousness, with just a dash of jail time. Garnish with $150,000 in bail. MITIGATING FACTOR: Most people wouldn't be thinking straight after such a messy breakup.

Early on the morning of Feb. 5, Douglas Bates, a 43-year-old customs inspector for the federal Homeland Security Department, was trying to get some shuteye. He was awakened when Bassim Chmait, a 20-year-old Arab-American college student and aspiring rap artist, and his friends arrived at the Mission Viejo apartment complex where Bates lives, looking for a party. As they walked down the street, Bates, who was off-duty and wearing a bathrobe, rushed out his front door and, holding a pistol, confronted them. Witnesses say Bates was upset about noise from the party, approached the three young men with his pistol and law-enforcement badge, and shouted, “You want to fuck with a cop?” Instead of backing away, the group walked toward Bates. During the altercation that ensued, Bates allegedly pistol-whipped one of Chmait's friends. What happened then is unclear — except that all sides agree Bates shot Chmait in the head at point-blank range. Chmait is dead, and Bates now faces trial for second-degree murder. MITIGATING FACTOR: Bates, who is African-American, alleges Chmait and his friends, who were unarmed, taunted him with racial slurs before attacking him, forcing him to shoot in self-defense.

Photo by Amy Thelig


If you live in Orange and have kids in elementary school, you'll sleep soundly at night knowing that your children's education is safeguarded by a school board that includes a man whose single-issue agenda is exposing the evil conspiracy against him by Albertsons, the supermarket chain. Rocco won his election last November thanks to conservative parents who opposed his teachers'-union-backed opponent and didn't care that they knew absolutely nothing about Rocco. Well — not absolutely nothing, exactly. During the race, Rocco distributed fliers denouncing “The Partnership,” which is what he calls the conspiracy that began with his 1980 arrest for shoplifting at an Albertsons store in Santa Ana. He had a copy with him at his Dec. 9 swearing-in ceremony. “All the information you need is in here,” he said, jabbing his finger at the broadside. “This is an expose, not a manifesto. Expose is a French word, not a Russian. . . . We're living in a time of secret organizations, corruption and, most of all, dictatorship.” Rocco finished his acceptance speech by saying something in Italian. Then he shrugged, as if to say he was as confused as everyone else. “I hope Mr. Rocco will be a breath of fresh air in our district,” chirped conservative gadfly Katherine Moran during the public-comments portion of the meeting. “I felt you would not be another teachers' union puppet. I did vote for you because it was the lesser of two evils. I mean that as a compliment.” MITIGATING FACTOR: Rocco's right: the Partnership is real.


Illustration by Bob Aul


This Bush-appointed former assistant attorney general is better known as the primary author of the PATRIOT Act. A Vietnamese-American who fled communism for Fullerton by way of Portland, Oregon, Dinh now teaches law at Georgetown University. In his spare time, he travels the country cashing in on his counterterrorism expertise by lecturing college students (unwittingly) about the idiocy of the war on terror. His talking points include such pearls of wisdom as “I am a complete intellectual fraud” and “If you are a terrorist, we will stick to you like white on rice.” But when faced with tough questions from audience members, Dinh prefers not to answer but instead mercilessly stutter, raise his voice and emit a high-pitched laugh. There are exceptions. In a January speech at UC Irvine, one woman queried Dinh about why the Bush administration wasn't trying harder to understand why so many people throughout the world hate America. “I don't have anything intelligent to add to that,” Dinh finally said. MITIGATING FACTOR: He really doesn't.

Newport Beach forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz is probably best known for his one-on-one interviews with Ice Man, the Tony Sopranoesque Mafia hit man on HBO. He's provided expert testimony in just about every high-profile psycho murder trial, ranging from would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley and serial killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer to Unabomber Ted Kaczinski, Erik and Lyle Menendez, mass murderer O.J. Simpson and D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammed. In March 2002, Dietz took the witness chair in the final phase of the murder trial of Texas housewife Andrea Yates. Dietz, who is also a technical adviser to the TV show Law N Order, told the jury that Yates, who had drowned her five children in a bathtub, wasn't crazy. In fact, Dietz stated, Yates was simply claiming insanity after watching an episode of Law N Order in which a depressed mother drowns her kids in a bathtub but — in a typically gripping finale — is found not guilty by reason of insanity. A few days later, brushing aside the insanity plea, the jury convicted Yates of murder. The only problem: that particular Law N Order episode never actually aired. Which is another way of saying Yates couldn't have seen the show, nor could it have motivated her to kill her kids and get away with it by claiming to be nuts. MITIGATING FACTOR: Seen one episode of Law N Order, seen 'em all.

Kelly Gray went away.


Dude became top man at Irvine-based St. John Knits International eight months ago, and first thing he did was boot wholesome, MILF institution/spokesmodel Kelly Gray (haunting eyes, airbrushed neck) for five minutes of leggy Brazilian Gisele Bundchen before switching to tattooed, blood-drinking serial adoptress Angelina Jolie. Why, dude, why? Is too far from the Nancy Reagan crowd far enough for you? Who's your next face — Kate Moss? MITIGATING FACTOR: Jolie is smokin'.

Last year, we asked Pope John Paul II to excommunicate Fenton because the spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Orange was “combative, insulting and as surly as Saul of Tarsus.” His Holiness never answered — what, the pope's on vacation or something? — and Fenton continues his war on truth. In January, the Toledo Blade asked Fenton to comment on Thomas Hodgman, a former Mater Dei High choir teacher and current Michigan resident who had just been named a predator in the Orange diocese's $100 million civil settlement with 90 victims of clerical sex abuse. “Under no circumstances does the settlement imply any guilt on anyone's part,” Fenton told the Blade — this just a couple of days after newspapers across the country ran a picture of Fenton's boss, Bishop Tod D. Brown, apologizing to Hodgman's victim, Joelle Casteix, for her abuse during the 1980s. MITIGATING FACTOR: Breaking the Silence, Fenton's documentary explaining the Orange diocese sex-abuse scandal to teens, is the most unintentionally hilarious Catholic romp since the Inquisition segment in History of the World, Part 1.


Photo by Tenaya Hills


The retired Aliso Viejo CPA is founder of the Minuteman Project, which tried to patrol the United States-Mexico border earlier this spring in hopes of keeping away those swarming Mexicans. Can a man who once told the Weekly, “Forty years from now, I see neighborhood armies of 20 to 40 going out and killing and invading one another. The United States is going to have 100 tribes with 100 languages and no common bond. It's future mayhem” also be the same hombre who has a Mexican son-in-law and a Chihuahua named Tia? Such a combination of charm and evil we haven't seen since William F. Buckley. MITIGATING FACTOR: Gilchrist, who also calls himself a “left-wing wacko,” is actually one of the most pleasant gentlemen you'll ever meet.

Reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the British Museum


The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art in Santa Ana thinks it's hot shit because it got a bunch of mummies from the British Museum. Well, they won't be laughing when the evil mummies return from the dead and go on an evil-mummy murder rampage like the one in Evil Dead but with mummies instead of just evil spirits taking over the bodies of rutting teens! Remember when the rutting teen inhabited by an evil spirit stuck a pencil in that dude's leg? (I think it was Bruce Campbell.) That was gnarly! And then all the friend dismembering? Fucking evil dead, man. What a drag! MITIGATING FACTOR: If Laurel and Hardy can escape a rampaging mummy, you probably can too.

We thought we'd seen the last of Jo Ellen Allen after her now late husband embarrassed all hell out of the woman and the county GOP (which she co-chaired) by getting sued for defrauding little old ladies out of their life's savings. (It's not a cliche; it's a classic!) But it seems the folks at the Orange County High School of the Arts missed her more than we did. Last month, they named her to their board. That's odd for lots of reasons: one, she€™s an Eagle Forum kook, which means she's most likely a fellow traveler in their battles against feminism, sex education, reproductive rights, AIDS education, sexual harassment legislation, federal support for day care and family leave, U.S. involvement with the United Nations, the international Chemical Weapons Treaty, affirmative action, bilingual education, multiculturalism and diversity education, environmental protection efforts, the dangers of pornography, immigration, and, of course, gay and lesbian rights. But wait! There's more! She's also big on creationism and an “even-handed” teaching of the Civil War. So that should be good news for the sweetling students at the Orange County High School of the Arts. MITIGATING FACTOR: The Republican Party is sorely lacking in male ballet students.

Continuing the long and proud Orange County traditions of (a) never getting over a punk band that broke up 20 years ago and (b) suffocating a sense of humor under a bunch of upper body mass and some spider-web tattoos is Caveman Mike Conley, owner of Costa Mesa's Avalon bar (proudly serving people waiting in the parking lot of Detroit for like a year and a half — beer and wine only!) — and hopeful litigator against international hip-hop superstar M.I.A., who unfortunately happens to share the same three letters of the alphabet as Conley's old (in the oldest sense of the word) punk band. At press time, his lawsuit — if it was ever filed — had yet to affect the rich and famous M.I.A., who at press time was richer and more famous than ever, but Conley took justice into his own fists and fired up the cave-puter for an eight-part series of (tipsy?) e-mails responding to a three-month-old Diary of a Mad County item highlighting his oldness (“Yes, I'm 40”) and lameness (“M.IA. was a frontrunner in the O.C. punk movement from 1980 to 1988. In that time we played on four national tours, four Canadian tours, appeared on numerous fanzine covers, ink deases, flipside, trouser press. Played shows with a lot of amazing bands, whom I have a lot of mutal [sic] respect for, DK's, TSOL, Cramps, Minor Threat, Goverment [sic] Issue, Dinasour, Jr. [sic], Adolesents [sic] Vandles [sic] and so on, I could go on but it's not my style”) and, most tellingly, his caveman-ness (“Why dont you stop over at Tommys gym in Costa Mesa . . . on Wed. we have open sparring. . . . I'll fold your teath [sic] back for you!”). MITIGATING FACTOR: Recently discovered fire — and we love Tommy's Gym.


Illustration by Bob Aul


This Bombay-raised physician is known in Orange County medical circles as a genius — not for his groundbreaking contributions to surgery or curing diseases, but for his ability to elude government regulators. Five years ago, he purchased dozens of Southern California medical clinics. A little more than a year later, he shuttered them, leaving more than 250,000 patients hanging in the wind. Flash-forward to January 2005, when Chaudhuri stood poised to become the majority shareholder in a new company that purchased four struggling Orange County hospitals: Western Medical Center Anaheim, Chapman Medical Center Orange, and Western Medical and Coastal Communities Hospital in Santa Ana. During a series of hearings that month, state Senator Joe Dunn (D-Garden Grove) forced Chaudhuri out of the deal. Or so it would seem. In fact, Chaudhuri has the right to purchase up to a quarter of the company's stock and, more important, already owns nearly half the land under the hospitals. In other words, the worst-case scenario for Orange County — four closed hospitals — could mean a fortune to Chaudhuri, whose critics say they wouldn't put it past him to sell the land to real estate developers. MITIGATING FACTOR: He provides an excellent case for de-privatizing health care.



What's truly scary about Sheriff Carona isn€™t that so much of his high command is under indictment for corruption (George Jaramillo) or that they quit for personal reasons involving a teenage son who helped gang-rape an unconscious teenager (Don Haidl). Nor is it that Carona himself is dogged by allegations of sexual harassment and extramarital affairs — our favorite rumor involves a hooker in Moscow. No, what makes Carona so scary is that he reminds us of the incredible power of the male libido to screw things up: In a matter of months, Carona fell from his place as America's hero (Samantha Runnion murder case) to Sex Pistol. Scary? This could happen to anybody with sufficient power and access to Russian hookers. MITIGATING FACTOR: So far, it hasn't happened to anyone else.

Courtesy Mike Davis


This UC Irvine professor has a knack for predicting disasters. In the 1991 film City on the Edge, Davis predicted that LA was ripe for Watts-style riots. A week or so after the film was completed, the LA riots erupted. Two years later, Davis was lecturing a UCLA class on earthquakes. The Northridge earthquake followed the next morning, on Jan. 17, 1994. Davis has authored increasingly scary books, like Dead Cities: And Other Tales and the forthcoming Planet of Slums. But none is scarier than his current title, The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu, which predicts that avian flu will soon become a global pandemic killing hundreds of millions of people. MITIGATING FACTOR: Davis also writes lighthearted fantasy novels starring his teenage son that fail miserably to wreak terror.

Photo by Jack Gould


We were wigged out when we read R. Scott Moxley's story about Ben€™s kid, Jeffrey, the thirtysomething Republican Party activist who prosecutors say raped a teenage boy and who has an art collection featuring more than 400 pictures of naked boys. We're not saying it didn€™t make sense — hardcore Republican activist, nice ties, stuffed animals on bed, friends with (Republican party chieftain) Scott Baugh and (former party boss) Tom Fuentes — just, you know, we were creeped out, even though Jeffrey says he€™s not guilty (didn't know boy was a boy). Then, in September, we met Jeffrey's dad, Ben, outside the Orange County Central Courthouse where Jeffrey's case had been delayed for the 28th time since his 2003 arrest. We're not saying the fix is in, or we are, but that's not the point. Point is: we thought Jeffrey was too tightly wrapped — and then Ben came after OC Weekly photographer Jack Gould with fists a-flying, like Robert De Niro as the aging Jake La Motta in Raging Bull but fatter. Gould says Ben hit him; speaking to Santa Ana police, Ben didn't deny it but said he had to hit Gould because Gould actually asked him to — not figuratively, as in “Jack was asking for it because he aimed a camera at my son, and a dad must protect his son even in the face of charges he sodomized a high school kid in Westminster,” but literally, as in “Jack was saying, 'Please hit me because I've always wanted to look like Jared Leto in Fight Club.'” MITIGATING FACTOR: A former Fountain Valley mayor and Republican, Ben is not accused of picking up a boy at his high school and nailing the boy next to his mother's bed while the boy's mother is at work.




The shit that's done in this guy's name? Hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides — and now this: Last year, 18 parents (out of like 1,200) petitioned to get twin 5-year-olds kicked out of kindergarten at St. John the Baptist School in Costa Mesa because the boys' dads are gay. Teachers, other parents and the school's principal of 30 years objected, citing the school's non-discrimination policy. The Gang of 18 appealed to the Diocese of Orange and, when that failed, threatened to go to the Vatican. That's when the Norbertine Order of priests running the school Solomonically allowed the kids to stay — but forbade the parents to enter the campus together. Gay-dad bashers began surveilling the school parking lot from their cars every morning, binoculars in one hand and cell phone in the other, ready to punch the principal's number on speed dial should both men be spotted on the church grounds simultaneously. Frustrated, the dads left St. John and enrolled their twins in a more liberal Orange County Catholic parish. MITIGATING FACTOR: More liberal Orange County Catholic parishes.

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  1. Fox and David Fox’s multi-media firm, Electric Eggplant, developed and printed the Center College Confidential graphic novel app sequence primarily based on the favored books. Be Assured in Who You might be is Guide 1 of Fox’s Middle Faculty Confidential collection for 10- to 14-yr-olds. The format of the e-book, which is much like a graphic novel, makes her self-help e-book for kids stand out from different similar titles, in accordance to school Library Journal. What different letters suits in the next series B C D E you K O X? Enter ChatGPT, a generative-AI chatbot that’s been throughout social media and the information recently for serving to jobseekers write cowl letters and tech company staff with software program coding. In workshops and on-line, Fox has been answering teenagers’ questions, especially teen ladies’ questions for over ten years. My teen dating advice for women and guys is always to keep your teenage relationship profile as respectable as possible. In the current busy world, where people hardly get time to satisfy and work together with others, online relationship is quick catching up as a way up to now single women. 2. Meet in public.

    Nonetheless, a woman typically must feel trust before she is going to meet you in individual. One of the keys to wholesome mate selection is deciding what type of particular person you need in your life. Does one need auto insurance coverage to drive with a learner’s permit in New Jersey? What is the connection between auto insurance coverage and medical insurance? Their mental condition improves when they’re involved in an intimate relationship and this feeling might help quite a bit to face the stress of the financial state of affairs. While it’s perfectly okay to go slowly and initially see a couple of candidate, particularly if your dates are persevering with additionally online, the giddiness of “so many profiles, so little time” will be self-defeating. Middle Faculty Confidential: Be Assured in Who You might be. Middle School Confidential: Real Mates vs. It was revealed by Free Spirit in 2008. Book 2: Real Mates vs. Speaking solely to your friends at parties and holding your head in your phone on public transportation or in a checkout line can send the “I’m not interested” message, too, says Johnson.

    Together with her husband, sport programmer David Fox, she opened the world’s first public access microcomputer facility (Marin Computer Middle) in 1977. Her first laptop-oriented e book was Armchair Fundamental: An Absolute Newbie’s Information to Microcomputers and Programming in Primary (1983, Osborn/McGraw-Hill). A teen information to staying sane when life makes you Loopy. It’s best to evaluate your life insurance needs every few years including when a major life event happens (eg marriage, having children, changing jobs, and many others). Should you swap time period life insurance companies every couple of years to save on premiums? What does the word ‘speculative’ mean with respect to medical insurance? An internet neighborhood can act as an info system where members can submit, comment on discussions, give recommendation or collaborate, and includes medical advice or specific health care research as effectively. Where can one discover a relationship system on MSN? College students can take courses on-line and they could talk with their professors and peers on-line.

    Elite members of the in-group might haze by employing derogatory terms to seek advice from newcomers, using deception or chnlove real or fake playing thoughts video games, or taking part in intimidation, amongst different actions. There’s recommendation on all the things, beginning from creating the correct profile and utilizing the best pictures to one of the best opening lines for beginning a dialog, and so on. Then, who knows, your subsequent match would possibly prove one of the best one. Clay Shirky explains one of those issues like two hoola-hoops. One in every of the biggest temptations when relationship on-line is the urge to fudge facts in an effort to impress viewers but this may show fatal in the long run and ought to be avoided in any respect prices. What are some belief-worthy Spanish dating websites? It depends upon which state you are in. How do you begin a title insurance coverage enterprise within the state of California? Where do you discover a insurance company that gives non-owners insurance coverage within the state of South Carolina? Copyright ©2023 Infospace Holdings LLC, A System1 Firm. Bernstein, M. S., Bakshy, E., Burke, M., & Karrer, B. (April 2013). Quantifying the invisible viewers in social networks. Magid, L.J. (April 24, 2000). “New Law Protects Kids On-line, however It is No Substitute for Parenting”.

  2. have you any idea Your STDs

    It’s spread through penile, anal, Or oral sex. You can get it even if your sweet heart doesn’t show symptoms. There are various HPV. Some cause herpes virus warts. qpid Others lead to cancer. you need to note, at the same time, that you have a vaccination that prevents most HPV associated with cervical cancer. You can lower your odds of problems by using condoms, generating Pap smears, And through vaccines.

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  3. It’s important you respect their attitude and present them you might be occupied with them as a person. They hope to get the same attitude from their spouses as properly. The foundations of Filipino courting in addition to dating Chinese ladies say that it is a man’s obligation to provide a couple with all the pieces needed, and payment at the date is the first sign for a woman that you are a dependable companion. Select a local restaurant: Asians have extraordinary tastes in food, so you might not know the girl’s preferences on a first date. Subsequently, try to make the environment acquainted to her: select a restaurant with Asian meals, have a picnic in the park she is aware of, or visit every other public place of her interest. Strive too exhausting and also you danger being labeled as someone looking for a fast fling. Boasting about your new job or itemizing your achievements won’t entice any Asian women to provide you with that second date, so strive to stay humble. Not only that, but be sure to give attention to her; no one likes a self-obsessed date, regardless of their background. There’s nothing unsuitable with being playful and flirty, but be certain that she’s comfortable with it before assuming.

    After i lived in a hostel, one day my buddies and that i had completely nothing to do. Tell her about your sympathy instantly: even if you are acquainted not for a long time and talk extra like buddies online, your confession by way of a video chat or name will probably be a pleasing shock for her. Plan your date completely: unlike pals dating when you recognize what your companion likes, an Asian art of relationships may be a surprise to you. Asian girls often use these sites to search out Asian males up to now. Browse the profiles, use the search filters, etc. If the whole lot feels right, continue to the following step. Share your true goals and life aspirations: a woman from Asia will open her heart to a man only if she feels sincerity and his true want to be together with her. Many women hope to run the life race face to face with their partners being in love.

    However, men typically neglect in regards to the necessity so as to add idateasia.com gas to love hearth, being busy in routine life. Invite her to dance if you hear music playing, take her to your particular place, add surprises to the traditional flow of your evening stroll. Absolutely, she’ll be capable of finding one thing suitable among dishes of her personal country, however you need to taste non habitual cuisine with particular care for the reason that local food is de facto sizzling! Never fetishize your Asian match: although it’s possible you’ll hear about it in western nations, it’s unacceptable for local individuals. They won’t be players, however they play their cards right to provide you with access to important individuals who could also be of assist in your career. Let her really feel safe and select places with many other folks for a begin! Take the initiative: ladies of this race tend to be shy and conservative, so they might lack the confidence to be the first one to send a message and start a dialog. Pay attention to the context: it is necessary to begin courting Asian ladies with meaningful and emotional messages. Present your high status: a VIP status or premium membership will improve women’ interest in your persona and let you bathe of their attention.

    Subsequently, provoke communication when dating an Asian feminine and often write to point out your interest. Meeting and Relationship Asian Ladies Delusion 3: I can’t exit with an Asian girl, I simply don’t know any. Of course, these are generalizations-each persona is unique, however we can’t also deny that some common traditions and cultural tendencies affect every individual living in a particular community. So, on the lookout for love and romance online is a common singles nowadays. Make sure to place some effort into your greetings like stating the title of the individual and mentioning the pursuits listed of their profile or stating the things you may have in common will give you a way more increased response price. Prepare a memorable date: it is difficult to make a go to to the cinema or a meal in a restaurant special, but it’s attainable. You may go to all bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in town however don’t meet a perfect person for you.

  4. I. The females claimed she had actually had second ideas and was not all set to wed at such short notice. The strong will and power of Ukrainian females are understood all over the world, as they prepare to overcome any kind of complications to attain their objectives and do what they think about finest for their career or domesticity. Food is just one of the most fundamentals in life. Finally, dating a Ukrainian come down to one necessary component: credibility. Read site’s testimonials on our site, get pointers from dating blog, and prosper in dating with the most enchanting partner on the earth. If you want to function around their routines and hold your horses, you will be compensated with a lovely and devoted Ukrainian sweetheart or better half. This can be a great deal of benefit some men, and it might not deserve it. This can make interaction tough, and it might take some time to get used to their way of speaking. Ukrainians take satisfaction in their cultural heritage.

    Ukraine’s abundant social heritage shapes a lot of its social norms, including dating and relationships. And very comprehensive individual accounts are excellent for finding partners for significant lasting relationships. Kristine Fellizar is a dating and relationships expert with over one decade of experience in the area. How to begin dating Ukrainian ladies? You can discover her right currently and begin your brand-new successful partnership. You won’t discover the love of your life as soon as possible. Thanks to it, we take pleasure in daily of our delighted life together in the USA. In several nations, people are not utilized to cooking daily morning meal, lunch, and dinner, however Ukrainian ladies successfully do it, that makes numerous foreign husbands satisfied. 02:53 Many Ukrainian ladies and youngsters have left Ukraine as a result of troubles dealt with by Ukrainian men in leaving the nation, and they currently have special approval to stay in different Western nations, with a substantial number residing in Germany, Poland, and the Baltic countries. Since you are from a different nation, let’s say America or Canada, the wonders in your country can certainly mix up the interest and interest of the Ukrainian lady. There are whole lots of exemptions, but these individuals often live in Kyiv, so it’s always less complicated to begin with there.

    The Magna Carta excursion will certainly begin in Manchester on 3 October prior to going to cities consisting of Birmingham, Manchester and London. The website of this eerie scene was a place called Pripyat, situated near the heart of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a circle with a radius of almost 19 miles (30 kilometers) around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant that suffered a devastating crash April 26, 1986. The location was left due to the fact that of high radiation levels, and Pripyat, when a flourishing city of 50,000, including lots of workers at the nuclear plant, was deserted. When the mishap at Chernobyl took place, Pripyat – located just under 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the nuclear plant – was in a treacherous spot. Tell something regarding yourself and ask the lady. Don’t forget to inform that you will go to Ukraine definitely. Epa’s protective activity guides advise emptying if the anticipated dose will certainly go beyond 1 rem (whole-body direct exposure) in 4 days,” Lyman writes in an email. “On top of that, there was an unique risk from breathing of contaminated iodine in the plume. It is common for several solitary men on the internet dating gorgeous Ukraine females that they don’t know what to discuss after the greeting e-mail.

    In modern-day society, it is a large problem for men, specifically older individuals. Social Networking Sites: There are numerous social networking websites that you can utilize to meet Ukrainian ladies. Does Ukraine use Tinder? Therefore, after you have actually referred a solitary Ukrainian lady that needs to meet you face to face, you have to make all setups on your own prior to mosting likely to Ukraine. These online forums are a great method to satisfy Ukrainian ladies. Bars: Bars are another wonderful area to satisfy Ukrainian girls. In the present short article, you will learn the top 10 great suggestions that will certainly help you to lead a secure and effective internet dating at Ukrainian dating web sites. Currently there are a large variety of websites that offer you matching your compatibility bride-to-bes from Ukraine. If you are serious about finding Ukrainian ladies for marital relationship, find your online company meticulously. Not always readily available: Because solitary Ukrainian females are so prominent, they are commonly not readily available when you wish to date them. You can easily locate your suit and date any of them of your very own choice from any type of one of them. However, they can additionally be really requiring and may not be available when you wish to date them.

  5. Don’t Show How Much You’re Suffering: Yes, you could also be feeling lots of ache due to the break up, however in the event you continue to show that suffering to your loved ones, associates and even your ex-lover, once more, you will simply end up looking pitiful. The voice you hear on the other end of your cellphone call might not be who you assume it’s, the individual you’re texting with may really be a bot, and the face in a photograph or video in your favorite courting app might not even exist. They might claim they want it for a medical emergency or to return go to you. Then they take your cash, but there’s no surgery and no journey. Swindlers then use that emotional leverage to request cash, cryptocurrency, gifts or investments. The scammers then log into the account and use ACH debits or enroll for cellular remote deposit capture to deposit fraudulent checks. Scammers can use details shared on social media and courting websites to raised understand and target you. Criminal organizations use respectable courting apps to defraud people who are looking for love.

    As a way to combat criminal organizations concerned in romance scams, HSI works closely with other Department of Homeland Security elements, such as the U.S. Technological developments in artificial intelligence are creating the potential to fuel romance scams, said Jeff Clune, an affiliate professor of computer science on the University of British Columbia. The extra you learn about these scams, the better prepared you might be to forestall being a victim. So many individuals will be tricked by the attractive and engaging pictures that they may put up and ended up being a sufferer of those scammers. It stated the fraud schemes often contain convincing a victim to enter a virtual, on-line relationship in order to build belief and affection. If the individual appears too good to be true, talk to somebody you trust. If the individual promises to meet in particular person, however consistently comes up with an excuse for cancelling, be suspicious. Stop communicating with the individual instantly. Don’t let the individual rush you to depart a courting service or social media site to communicate instantly. Seeing the web service for courting shouldn’t be new and a few people have worst tales to provide, however, we’ve got the very best working site, which is rip-off free and also you get to take pleasure in the most effective services.

    Simply because you could have enlisted the assistance of a matchmaker, does not imply you need everybody to know. Usually, they need the cash by wire transfer or reward card. The victims typically send the scammers cash or provide online banking credentials. 8. Being supportive. Being able to offer support and not essentially tell of money builds a excessive correlation. But in my view, it isn’t suitable for each single because the value is simply too high. The web presents probably the perfect potential for the senior single to satisfy like-minded mature singles close to relationship. One huge obstacle met by the mature single is inadequate avenues geared toward relationship for seniors. This actually is one amongst the most tough phases throughout your life. However, there are still some people who consider in assembly folks by means of family and mates and follow the typical type of dating and fall in love. A bride rip-off is a type of romance scam – a confidence trick that aims to defraud potential grooms with the offer of a international bride. In some circumstances, they do not offer secure fee techniques, so customers lack protection when shopping for items marketed by other customers.

    Bumble claims it’s the primary dating platform to formally take a stance latamdate scam on customers ghosting others. To start with, it has incredibly detailed female profiles: most girls on this platform have more than 10 images and extremely detailed profile descriptions. To fight this, HSI and its associate agencies have labored with the Department of Justice to provide a coordinated enforcement and prosecution effort. Report the incident to local law enforcement. OnlyFans star Mikaela Testa seems to have debuted her new boyfriend, an 18-yr-outdated bodybuilder and fellow content material creator referred to as Emmanouel. This proved a brief emancipation of the inhabitants of the town from the princess-abbesses, but this lasted only till 1290. That 12 months, King Rudolph I restored the princess-abbesses to full sovereignty over the town, much to the dismay of the inhabitants of the growing metropolis, who referred to as for self-administration and imperial immediacy. The variety of older adults turning to the web for courting has doubled over the past three years and 12% of these aged 55-64 reported using mobile courting apps. Total reported losses to romance scams have been greater than some other scam reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2020. In 2020, individuals reported losing $304 million to romance scams – 9 times greater than it was five years prior.

  6. Practical guidance on conquering common relationship hurdles. Here’s your guide to browsing common warnings in a relationship. The web has called character traits like bad grammar and not drinking coffee as red flags (you have actually seen the memes). A relationship is like that. Georgia Harrison has actually countered at claims her relationship with Anton Danyluk is just a showmance. Customer relationship management (CRM) describes the concepts, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when connecting with its customers. Customer interactions including grievances are saved and can be easily recalled so that clients do not need to continuously duplicate themselves. Since the organisations are not heavily moneyed by the Irish taxpayer, not only are these thought about and legitimate expressions of political opinion; they bring additional weight. But courts only choose problems where there are conflicts in between litigants. Therefore, we are being asked to redefine the household so regarding allow its meaning to be decided in future cases where conflicts in between parties are brought before the courts. What kind of physical contact are you alright with? Workplace relationships cause more cohesive work groups, more dedicated and satisfied employees, higher performance, greater goal achievement, and increased positive feelings about the company; they can make satisfying or unenjoyable tasks more enjoyable and are a consider avoiding staff member turnover.

    We don’t require these referendums to achieve any policy goal. You need to keep in mind, that you participate in a relationship to be happy, and you need to be! The relationship feels balanced and everyone puts the very same effort into the success of the relationship. You do not let one person’s choices and viewpoints dominate, and rather, you hear each other out and make compromises when you don’t want the exact same thing. Poor communication is among the leading reasons for divorce. Experts agree that a solid foundation is built on interaction and trust. While that might appear uncontroversial, what happens if a single woman and her kid make up a household – and an unmarried man signs up with the home and they asiame.com have 2 additional kids? Does her family based upon her first kid continue to exist? Dissolving the legal idea of the family in a veritable soup based upon lawsuits outcomes in tough cases is neither required nor suggested. That order can not be made unless the court considers that correct provision has been produced the spouses and kids of that marital relationship. The so-called “care” amendment would likewise delete provisions of the Constitution which have in the past been counted on by the Supreme Court to invalidate income tax laws that were discriminatory against married individuals and in holding that other halves with sufficient means could not demand that mothers be obliged to work outside the home where it was their choice to look after their children.

    While others may have an opinion, there is no set rule that dictates what a couple can think about to be a long-lasting relationship. The couple who has actually been dating for some months now dated in personal previously. Now we have independent bodies criticising the wording of the “care” amendment. Entities and relationships can both have attributes. Zur, O. “Dual relationships, multiple relationships & boundaries in psychiatric therapy, counseling & psychological health”. This option enables you to quickly begin working with your model, instead of needing you find or specify those relationships yourself. Import relationships from information sources on very first load: This alternative is chosen by default. An alternative approach utilizes multiple-instance knowing by encoding molecules as sets of data instances, each of which represents a possible molecular conformation. The conceptual ER model usually specifies master reference data entities that are frequently utilized by the company. This will reveal her that you genuinely care about her feelings and want to resolve any problems together. When we fall in love, we frequently believe the relationship will last permanently. How Long Do Long-Term Relationships Last?

    No one was eliminated or seriously hurt last month, although NTSB private investigators said the event might have been much even worse had it had occurred at a greater altitude. Partners may begin to live together before age 18, however their relationship is not legally recognized as common-law till both partners have been cohabiting for one year since both were at least 18 years of age. To them it is if a couple only sees a year or more as long term. When someone thinks in you, when somebody motivates you, inspires you, reinforces you, then you recognize what remaining in a relationship truly suggests. Remaining in a relationship implies that you partner not only accepts you the way you are, but likewise inspires you to be the finest variation of yourself. Bear in mind there is no right or wrong method to define a long-term relationship, and it depends on your discretion. As it turns out, partner-focused couples were probably to get more serious in their relationship, and significant couples were more than likely to separate. “In a healthy relationship, you’re making area for each other, you’re making space for each other’s feelings, and making area to support and cultivate other aspects of each other’s lives,” Duke describes.

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