OC Weekly Dominates 2012 OC Press Club Awards with 16 of 'Em!

Last night, the Orange County Press Club held its annual awards ceremony at Encore Dinner Theater in Tustin, and in-between a hoppin' swing music set, a pretty good four-course dinner, reporters gossiping, and way too many smoke breaks to count, there were awards handed out–and, surprise, surprise. your favorite infernal rag dominated. Like last year. And the year before. And the year before that.

This year, we took home 16 awards, including nine first-place trophies. Second place in total awards was the Orange County Register, with nine.

And our winners are…

…as I remember them, because the official list hasn't been released yet:

First placers went to Moxley for Columnist of the Year, web mistress Taylor Hamby for Best Music story, Michelle Woo for Best Sports Story (for her profile of handball wizard Sal Duenas), former Weekling Chasen Marshall for Best Feature (for his tales from San Clemente's Surf Ghetto), Coker for Best Entertainment Blog (for this infernal blog!), Edwin for Best Food Criticism, Stick a Fork in It for Best Food Blog, Stacy Davies for Best Arts Criticism, and lastly–and DEFINITELY leastly–myself, winning the Real OC award (given to the story that best exemplifies OC in all its wackiness) for my beloved-by-white-supremacists “OC Pioneers Who Where Klan Members” series.

Getting second-place awards were Chasen, one of our freelance photographers, former web mistress Vickie Chang (for her great TSOL/Jack Grisham feature), Michelle.

Third place went to clubs editor Brandon Ferguson for music, managing editor Nick Schou.

And I got an honorable mention for my story on El Torito founder Larry Cano–sorry, Señor Cano!

As Krusty the Klown once said, we SLAUGHTERED the Special Olympics. Congrats to all our winners, and to YOU, our loyal readers, of both the nice and pathetic fanboy variety!

Other winners of note: Voice of OC young gun Adam Elmahrek won for Investigative Reporter of the Year for his digging into evil Anacrime, the Reg's OC Watchdog blog won for Watchdog of the Year, Chapman University professor Pete Weitzner won the Sky Dunlap Trophy for Lifetime Achievement and promptly went Greer Garson on everyone, and the Reg's Denisse Salazar and Salvador Hernandez won first place for a great piece on the Mexican Mafia, which the Reg's readership will not give a damn about and continue to belittle their work because of their Hispanic surname. Congrats to all the winners!

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