OC Right-Wing Activist Files Lawsuit Over Dislikes of His YouTube Videos

Kenny Strawn is angry because people dislike his online videos (Screenshot from YouTube)

Orange County conservative activist Kenneth Strawn—who uses his social media outlets to routinely rant against “retards,” “snowflake Jews,” “blacks,” “lesbian hobbits,” “senile idiots,” “illegal aliens,” “losers” and “intellectually lazy cowards” while championing Donald Trump—has filed a federal lawsuit alleging his constitutional rights have been trampled by people who “dislike” his YouTube videos.

Strawn claims a resident of Charlottesville, Virginia created “seven sock puppet YouTube accounts and used all of them to mass-dislike my videos,” moves he insists violated his “freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press because my YouTube channel is used for freelance journalistic purposes.”

In his lawsuit filed inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, the Aliso Viejo man who still lives with his parents, asserted that Simone Tartaglia’s biggest alleged offense to him and the U.S. Constitution has been creating “the false impression of lack of sapport [sic] for my videos where there is none.”

He lodged his case in late May without paying the required $400 filing fee and wants taxpayers to give him an attorney for free, so he can seek “monetary damages” for “whatever reputational damages have been deemed by the attorney appointed to be applicable.”

Strawn—a 2011 graduate of El Toro High School, who has proposed that no immigrant be allowed into the U.S. unless that person first attends a Christian Church for at least five years—is also demanding an “immediate retraction and undoing of all fake YouTube dislikes” of his rambling, incoherent videos.

Recently, he complained that Wanda, his “RINO” mother, is considering throwing him out of her house, argued that he’s tired of “lazy, degenerates” feeding off taxpayers and declared sex is “for one purpose” and “that’s reproduction.”

“Women, do not approach me with a sexual intent without marrying me first,” Strawn unnecessarily declared in one of his videos.

You can see the self-described “gonzo journalist” in action HERE and HERE.

Barely more than 300 people nationwide follow his account.

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