OC Housewife Turned Drug Dealer Turned Narc Shares Story Of The Sting Operation She Thought Would Claim Her Life

Who doesn't love a naughty nurse? 

That's right, nobody. Even government officials cozied up to an OC nurse gone drug dealer by offering her a job as a narc instead of a potential life sentence. The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, is slated to share her full story on NBC LA tonight. 

After the woman's husband got sick and died, she struggled to make ends meet and ended up getting a job transporting drugs. The woman told NBC LA she took the gig so she could “make extra money…to buy shoes for my family, birthday presents.” Well, one thing is for damn sure, her family must have had some freakishly well-adorned feet. How much “extra money” did she make moving drugs? $10,000 a day.

Her plush job came to a halt when she was arrested, but then she segued into a new gig as an informant. Doe is credited with helping bust seven drug dealers, NBC LA reports.

And, as you can imagine, the job was risky. In a video of a sting operation on the station's site, for example, you can see cocaine dealers put a cocked gun to Doe's head and demand cash.
Fortunately, there were cops staked out nearby who swooped in. She survived, and now she's sharing all the gory details with NBC LA. So, tune in tonight at 11 p.m. for the story of a real Orange County housewife. 

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