OC Fish n Chip Now Open In Orange

Swimming under the radar for the last couple of weeks, new quick-service seafood joint OC Fish n Chip opened on April 13 off Tustin Avenue in Orange.

With discrepancies between their online menu and what Yelp kids are dishing, the best thing to do is hook their five-dollar coupon after the jump and try it for yourself.

The chips are steak-cut, crisp outside and creamy mash-like within. Killer hushpuppies, but out-of-place chicken and jalapeƱo poppers leave one to wonder if they should just stick to under-the-sea specialties. However, notable desserts of the deep-fried Twinkie and ice cream variety might fulfill a niche only found during fair season.

As for the rest of the operation, seating leaves something to be desired, unless you're ordering take-out; then the quasi-lounge with flatscreen display is logical to have instead of, I dunno, more tables. Service is slow due to a made-to-order mentality of hand-dipped and battered meals. No complaints with that kind of reasoning to back it up.

There's a five dollar coupon deal going on through the end of the month, which sounds like a smart marketing tactic until you realize they are in the same plaza as a Subway. Instead, it's more like a copycat move. At least the discount gives a better glimpse of what's available, listing all their sides at the bottom of the flyer.

We wish OC Fish n Chip luck in catering to the finicky foodies, but pose one question: When your homepage states, “We've been cooking the best seafood in Orange for over 40 years,” be prepared to explain and defend yourselves.

OC Fish n Chip, 2094 Tustin St., Tustin. (714) 974-2589; www.ocfishnchip.com.

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